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Devy Game Report: Sean Tucker vs. Virginia

Is Tucker an elite back and one of the top backs in the 2023 class? We break down his game against Virginia in this film breakdown.

Sean Tucker was one of the names that many people were excited about this summer. He has made the most of his chances in 2022 and that includes widening his skillset. 

In the summer, Tucker drew comparisons to Jamaal Charles from me but he was missing something from his game. That trait he was missing finally popped in this ACC game against Virginia. While it was not an overly impressive game for Tucker, he proved a lot.

He proved that he is still a battering ram while also being a speedster. The track speed didn’t flash in this game but rather the instincts he possesses. Tucker has a chance to be the RB2 in this class, no one is passing Bijan Robinson, and in doing so he could be a fantasy rookie for the record books. His skill set is perfect for what the NFL wants right now, let’s dive into that.

Stories and Headlines Heading Into the Game 

Not much worth noting heading into this game other than Virginia was looking to hand Syracuse their first loss. Tucker has had a solid year thus far and has even expanded how Syracuse uses him. In this game against Virginia, he seemingly faces adversity before changing his style and plans to then find success.

Positive Takeaways from the Film 

Last year we saw Tucker rush all over the ACC by accumulating 1,496 yards on the ground. He didn’t even reach 200 yards receiving through last year. His development in the passing game is going to be a major part of his draft evaluation and in this game, we saw that.

The first quarter of this game saw Tucker being rag dolled when rushing up the middle. He could never build momentum and that is when they changed up the gameplan. Tucker start being used in the passing game and looked like a natural in the process. Turning upfield with fluid hips, heating up quickly with an excellent burst, and the vision he possesses as a runner carries over to receiving. 

Tucker is turning into a complete back before our very eyes.

Negative Takeaways from Film 

It was eluded to above, Tucker needs to establish himself as a runner who can go in all directions. As things currently sit he finds his best success when able to bounce outside the tackles and turn upfield. In the NFL, linebackers are twice as quick and have better instincts. He won’t be able to pull that off as easy at the next level.

His raw speed is going to allow him to make plays but if he doesn’t have the strength to run between the tackles then he needs to develop the patience to wait for plays to develop. Patience will make the difference between getting stuck in the backfield and breaking off a big one. Tucker is a smart kid, he will come one, but he needs to do so sooner rather than later.

Overall Thoughts

Tucker is a great running back prospect, this past year’s class starved us for a great class. Not only do we have a great class but we have unique talents such as Tucker. He isn’t always the most fun to watch for 90% of a game but darn it if he isn’t consistent. Much like a power-punching boxer just needs one punch to end the night, Tucker needs one touch to make a house call. 

This game wasn’t his best but it showed that he is developing a jab to go along with that powerful hook of his.

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