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Devy Report: Drew Allar vs. Ohio University

@MandrewNFL takes a look at heralded devy prospect Drew Allar.

Getting a rookie quarterback or a devy quarterback like Drew Allar has all the tools to be successful, can be gold for your fantasy team. Whether you stash the player until you can use them on your dynasty roster or C2C lineup, perhaps you decide to trade them for more immediate and impactful players. 

No matter what, quarterbacks are always a long and patient play. It is important to digest as many of their game reps as possible, and if you can’t, find someone who does.

This is where Dynasty Nerds can step in.

This report looks at the Penn State freshman who took advantage of some garbage time earlier in the year against Ohio University. Drew Allar scored two touchdowns and left a lasting impression on media and fans alike. Going forward, it appears to be Sean Clifford’s show but to say that people aren’t excited about the future would be a lie.

Now in this game against Ohio, Allar entered it with no expectations or needs to play savior. He was brought in to get some meaningful reps and did even more than expected.


Allar showed excellent accuracy in and out of the pocket in this game. Whether on the run or stepping up in the pocket, it is especially impressive how accurate he can be. He also can hit the easy throws, which is often overlooked. Everyone focuses on the highlight plays, the easy fundamental throws matter way more.

Arm Strength 

I will throw out a comp for what his arm talent reminds me of, and I am begging you all to bear with me. Josh Allen is the closest thing I have seen to the effortless arm strength he displays in this game. He doesn’t have a big windup or throw his whole body into it, and despite that, he makes deep ball throws with ease.


The Josh Allen comps don’t end with the arm strength. The size Drew Allar has at 18 years old is also massive. He uses that size to shake off defenders and arm tackles while also handling himself as a runner. He can take a hit or two, but he protects himself at the same time.


Mobility as a whole is decent. He can take off and pick up yards when needed, but his mobility within the pocket needs work. Allar often steps up into the rushing defense. Once he masters his surroundings with more reps and can navigate outside the tackle box, a new world opens up.

Decision Making 

Drew Allar honestly made no poor decisions in this game in terms of passing. He puts the ball where only his receivers could make a play while being aggressive but not crazy. He is a perfect blend in that area, but a couple of times, his pocket awareness let him down.

Out of Structure Ability 

There weren’t a lot of out-of-structure reps here for Allar despite the opportunities presenting themselves. He seems to be much more comfortable as a passer than a runner, and because of that, he looks uncomfortable moving around.

Pocket Awareness 

Pocket awareness for Drew Allar is a work in progress. He likes to just step up when the line collapses, which is fine, but once he relaxes and can take off more, look out. His potential is sky-high, and unlocking his pocket awareness trait is a significant step in his development.


Despite having a cannon attached to his shoulder, he has tremendous touch, which he demonstrates in this game against Ohio. One throw was an over-the-shoulder throw, and he laid it right in the bread basket for his receiver so they could make a play. Seeing that touch from such a young passer is beyond impressive.


Allar displayed super clean mechanics in the Ohio University game. Especially when he is moving within the pocket, his shoulders and lower body mechanics never get crazy. He doesn’t look robotic, either.


Another trait he couldn’t show as the team was throwing him in late. Many of the plays he was running gave him a designed out, so he wasn’t asked to make progressions. Look for this to change down the road, especially next year when he is the starter.

Overall Thoughts

Drew Allar is my devy QB5 at this present moment. He is so special when you look at the complete package he presents at just 18 years old. James Franklin and offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich have done a tremendous job putting current starter Sean Clifford in successful situations. The difference is Clifford is limited in terms of skills compared to Allar. He should not only open up this offense next year, but he should look very impressive in terms of development as he plays more.

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