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Every NFL Team’s Needs Before the 2023 NFL Draft

@DarthDbacks sums up each NFL Team's Needs prior to the 2023 NFL Draft so you know what spots your NFL team is looking to improve at.

The NFL Draft is the best time of the off-season for NFL fans. It’s filled with hope, excitement, and celebration of seeing hundreds of young men achieve their life dream. They’ve worked their whole life to hear their name called during this three-day fest. Fans have waited a whole year to boo Commissioner Roger Goodell relentlessly to his face. It’s a beautiful time for all to see. At least, until your team doesn’t take the guy you wanted in the 2023 NFL Draft. That can create a lot of angst, but sometimes it pays off. Yet, you should be aware of your NFL Team’s needs before the draft. That way, you won’t be shocked if your team makes a pick at a position you weren’t expecting, or you know if they just potentially messed up.

This year’s 2023 NFL Draft is taking place on Thursday, April 27th, at 8 p.m. EST. Rounds Two and Three will happen on Friday, April 28th, starting at 7 p.m. EST. Rounds Four through Seven will take place all day long on Saturday, April 29th. The NFL is holding the draft in Kansas City, the home of the Super Bowl-winning Chiefs. Don’t be shocked if you see hundreds of thousands of fans celebrating the NFL fest.

This weekend, 259 men will learn where their future homes will be in the NFL. Let’s take a look at 32 NFL teams’ needs before the chaotic and bursting 2023 NFL Draft begins in earnest Thursday evening! Not all teams will draft for their needs, but they better fill in some of them by the end of this weekend.

What are Every NFL Team’s Needs Prior to the 2023 NFL Draft?

Carolina Panthers – QB, WR, EDGE, OL, CB

The Panthers traded up to first overall for a quarterback. They aren’t leaving the first round without one. Beyond that, they need a new young wide receiver to grow with the QB they take. A new EDGE rusher to partner with Brian Burns would be massive. Cornerback and offensive line depth are badly needed to survive the NFL season.

Houston Texans – QB, EDGE, DL, OT, WR, Defense

The Texans can’t afford to leave this draft without a franchise plan. Either they go quarterback and move the franchise forward on offense or build out an elite defense with an EDGE rusher as the focal point. Both are massive needs and gaping holes. Otherwise, another tackle and a WR1 are the next largest needs. The rest basically involves creating a brand new NFL-caliber defense everywhere but safety.

Arizona Cardinals – EDGE, DL, OT, OL, CB, S, WR, RB

The team has a black hole at most positions. They desperately need an impact pass rusher, cornerback, tackle, and more. Should the Cardinals trade Hopkins and Budda Baker, then wide receiver and safety become huge needs. Another young running back should be in tow to take pressure off of Kyler Murray and James Conner.

Indianapolis Colts – QB, OL, CB, OT, WR, EDGE, LB

It’s time for the Colts to get off the quarterback merry-go-round. It’s time to pick a guy and stick with him. They need a new WR2 to go with Pittman and need to finally get a starting outside cornerback that they can put on an island. Beyond that, a left tackle and edge rushing help would be massive for them.

Seattle Seahawks – DL, EDGE, WR, QB, TE, LB, CB

The Seahawks have to decide if they want to go further in this year with Geno Smith and win, or build more for the future. They desperately need help at the EDGE and defensive line. They also need a quarterback long-term. Only one of those can be helped at the fifth overall pick. Other spots they need long-term help at are a new WR3, linebacker, and another starting tight end and cornerback.

Detroit Lions – Edge, DL, WR, QB, TE, CB, S

The Lions don’t have a ton of needs but need further help to get back to the playoffs. They need a rushing mate for Aidan Hutchinson so he can get fewer double-teams. They have to add a long-term answer at cornerback, especially after the Jeff Okudah trade. Another starting safety and more defensive line help ensure the team can survive the NFC. Lastly, they have to get a new WR3 that can play Day One due to Jameson Williams’ suspension. A long-term answer at quarterback is nice, but not needed yet.

Las Vegas Raiders – DL, CB, WR, TE, OT, S, EDGE

The Raiders got their temporary quarterback to where they don’t have to force a pick. Yet, they need more than Davante Adams for Jimmy Garoppolo to throw to. They have to flesh out their wide receiver and tight end rooms. Another solid addition would be at the defensive line and cornerback spots. They were ripped apart last year in the air and ground. A youthful add to the edge department would help keep Chandler Jones healthy long-term, as he’s already 33.

Atlanta Falcons – EDGE, CB, QB, RB, LB

The Falcons need a long-term answer at quarterback. If they choose to ignore that, they should beef up their edge-rushing department as they’ve yet to find a long-term answer there for over six years. Another cornerback would really help this defense not put so much pressure on AJ Terrell. Another running back would be nice to pair with Cordarelle Patterson and Tyler Allgeier, but it’s a want more than a need right now.

Chicago Bears – OT, OL, EDGE, DL, CB, RB

The Bears solved a lot of their issues in free agency, or so they hope. However, they have to address this miserable offensive line. They need a center, guard, and tackle. They want Justin Fields to keep growing; then they HAVE to find proper protection for him. Their edge-rushing room really needs an impact player. They were awful last year at getting after the quarterback. A long-term answer at cornerback and running back would be great additions too.

Philadelphia Eagles – RB, EDGE, OT, S, CB, WR, DL

The Eagles somehow saw their luck get better as the Saints crumbled last year and gave them a top-ten pick. This will allow the Eagles to solve one of their needs big-time. They need a need starter at running back (come on, Bijan Robinson!), a dominant EDGE rusher that can partner with Reddick, and youth at cornerback, defensive line, and tackle. A long-term plan at tackle would be great, just as would another dependable wide receiver that can take over for Quez Watkins.

Tennessee Titans – QB, WR, OT, OL, DL, LB

The Titans know that Ryan Tannehill isn’t their long-term quarterback. It’s time to bite the bullet and get the answer. They still need to replace AJ Brown at receiver and desperately have to find an offensive line. It’s looking to be a turnstile there this year. Otherwise, more depth at linebacker and defensive line is necessary.

Green Bay Packers – TE, WR, EDGE, OL, DL, S

The Packers have to get a better-supporting cast if they hope to make Jordan Love’s transition to the starter as easy as possible. They need another wide receiver and a starting tight end. Beyond that, the Packers were woeful at pass-rush last year and could use an impact EDGE guy. Further offensive and defensive line additions would really help bolster the depth and ability of their team. Too often, they fell stagnant due to injuries there last year.

New England Patriots – CB, WR, OT, EDGE, S, TE, LB

The Patriots have to get deeper at cornerback and wide receiver. Mac Jones has literally no one to throw to right now. That’s a problem. Plus, they need another tight end to partner with Hunter Henry. The Patriots need a starting cornerback and EDGE rusher. Jonathan Jones and Matthew Judon need help. A tackle would be a wise addition to protect Mac Jones.

New York Jets – OT, S, DL, CB, EDGE

The Jets will continue their feeble efforts to find a long-term tackle. That’s eluded them since the days of Joe Namath. Otherwise, they need more help in the secondary to combat the loaded AFC weapons, and another EDGE rusher would help Saleh’s scheme a ton.

Washington Commanders – CB, OL, OT, TE, EDGE, QB, RB

The Commanders denied Chase Young’s option. That means it’s go-time for a new EDGE rusher to be drafted and developed. Aside from that, they need new offensive linemen, especially at tackle, to help Sam Howell develop. An actual starting cornerback would be nice, just as would a long-term answer at tight end.

Pittsburgh Steelers – OT, CB, S, LB, DL, EDGE

The Steelers solved their wide receiver problem with the Allen Robinson trade. Now, it’s time to continue to beef up their trench lines. Protecting Kenny Pickett is the only way they’ll avoid turning him into Sam Darnold. Equally true, TJ Watt needs help rushing the passer. The Devin Bush experiment failed, and they saw Terrell Edmunds depart from safety which bumps those spots up to a priority need. Yet, the biggest need is likely a cornerback. The AFC is loaded with receivers, and the Steelers have no one who can cover them.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – QB, EDGE, DL, CB, S, WR, RB, OT

The Bucs need an answer at quarterback. Perhaps they can get one here, as Baker Mayfield isn’t the answer. They’re old on defense. They have to get younger and faster along the defensive line and EDGE rusher. They need more help in the secondary after losing multiple key players over the last two off-seasons. A running back to work with White would be beneficial, as would another offensive tackle to work opposite Tristan Wirfs.

Los Angeles Chargers – WR, TE, CB, EDGE, DL, LB

The Chargers know their team is all-in to win this year before likely being blown up next year. They can’t afford nearly $150 million in cap space for only four guys. They need a new long-term wide receiver that can develop this year and be the WR1 next year. Kellen Moore’s offense requires a talented tight end which they don’t have. Edge rushing and cornerback help is needed, too, after last season showed extreme weaknesses. And the yearly need at defensive tackle and linebacker continues after being pummeled on the ground last year.

Baltimore Ravens – WR, CB, DL, EDGE, OL, RB, and maybe QB

The Ravens have to figure out the Lamar Jackson situation. That’s the number one thing. Otherwise, they need more than just OBJ at wide receiver and more than just Marlon Humphrey at cornerback. They lost multiple key defensive linemen and need to replace them. Another big need is at running back to take some of the workloads off of Dobbins and potentially Lamar. The Ravens have a ton of needs for a playoff team.

Minnesota Vikings – WR, CB, DL, EDGE, LB, OL

The Vikings need to decide if they are out on Kirk Cousins. If they truly are, they need to figure out if they want to get his replacement now or move all in. Assuming the latter, they must acquire a WR2 to work opposite Justin Jefferson. KJ Osborn isn’t a WR2. Then, they have to get more secondary, especially cornerbacks. They keep drafting, but maybe this year, they’ll hit on a good one. Beyond that, more defensive line help is key because of the likely Zadarius Smith loss. The Vikings are in a tough spot here.

Jacksonville Jaguars – S, CB, OT, EDGE, DL, TE

Jacksonville doesn’t have a ton of needs at key spots but more depth issues. However, they do badly need a long-term answer at tight end with Evan Engram on a franchise tag. Plus, after being burned badly in the playoffs, the Jaguars need to devote more draft picks to the secondary, especially the cornerback room. This is a team on the rise, and nailing this draft could make them Super Bowl contenders.

New York Giants – WR, CB, S, C, OL, EDGE

The Giants have a clear black hole at wide receiver. That has to be addressed if they hope to prove that Daniel Jones’ extension was truly worth it. It’s time to reinvest some big capital there with Kenny Golladay finally gone. They also need help in the secondary after being burned multiple times by receivers last year. The last crucial spot they must address is at center. They lost their starting center to free agency. If they don’t address that spot, this team could come to a screeching halt.

Dallas Cowboys – RB, WR, CB, EDGE, DL, TE

The Cowboys have to get over their playoff woes. Otherwise, it’s time to rebuild. To do that, they need another running back to work off of Tony Pollard. They must replace Dalton Schultz and give Dak another worthy target. Additionally, they need to find another EDGE rusher to work with Micah Parsons and allow him to move around the defense. Another cornerback and wide receiver would be good moves too.

Buffalo Bills – WR, CB, LB, S, DL, EDGE, OL

The Bills have to make good use of the prime years of Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen. That means they have to find another wide receiver that can make impact plays. Gabe Davis isn’t a good WR2. Diggs can’t carry the load. This must be addressed. Otherwise, the team has to find another cornerback, a starting linebacker, and address in the interior off the offensive line if they hope to stay atop the rising AFC East.

Cincinnati Bengals – RB, TE, CB, S, DL

The Bengals have a strong squad that is seeking to make full use of their prime years on cheap contracts. With the Joe Mixon controversy and his expensive contract, the Bengals could easily cut bait and draft his replacement. That should happen, and they will take a running back regardless. They need a new safety blanket tight end for Joe Burrow to work with, especially in the red zone. And, they must address the depleted secondary. They lost numerous guys there this offseason and will lose Chidobe Awukie next year.

New Orleans Saints – DL, EDGE, S, WR, TE, RB, CB

The Saints continue to retool, and after losing nearly all their starters on the defensive line in the offseason, this area is next up to be rebuilt. They have to add some presence and speed to their line there. Other places that need help are in the secondary and at tight end. A new running back to replace Alvin Kamara would be great to snag, as would another starting wide receiver. Take the workload off injury-prone Michael Thomas and give Olave a proper running mate.

Kansas City Chiefs – WR, OT, EDGE, S, RB

The Chiefs are pretty well set up, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have needs. They need a wide receiver as Juju is gone, and you can’t trust Kadarius Toney to stay healthy. After that, they have draft needs at tackle and EDGE. Both those spots need more depth and speed. The AFC has some dynamic pass-rushers, and the Chiefs can’t afford to allow Patrick Mahomes to get hurt. A new safety would be a great addition, as would a new running back partner for Pacheco. The Chiefs are well-positioned to trade up for a big-name wide receiver.

Los Angeles Rams – Everything but QB and DL

Let’s be honest; the Rams need everything except a WR1, quarterback, and a defensive tackle. Otherwise, almost any addition is an improvement over what they have. The team is in dire straights and could truly use an impact player anywhere. Hopefully, the Rams are able to trade down and acquire some more picks to make more additions to their decrepit roster.

San Francisco 49ers – CB, S, TE, OT, WR, DL

The 49ers have a loaded roster, thanks to multiple cheap quarterback contracts. However, they lost starters at cornerback and safety. That needs to be addressed. They can’t afford to enter the season with backups there. Otherwise, a right tackle is a must-have after losing Mike McGlinchey. Beyond that, a new wide receiver to compete for the WR3 would be nice. A new tight end to backup George Kittle and take some of his workload to keep him healthy would be a big move to provide the 49ers with further playmaking ability and strong stability at a crucial position.

Miami Dolphins – RB, TE, EDGE, OT, DL

The Dolphins have very few picks, but they can still address their needs. They need a long-term answer at running back and tight end. Coach McDaniel must find a tight end that fits his system. After that, adding some competition at right tackle for Austin Jackson would be a smart move too.

Denver Broncos – EDGE, CB, OL, RB, LB

The Broncos have limited picks but need to make the best moves they can with them. They should snag an EDGE rusher and cornerback. Those are critical needs and the only way to ensure this defense can stay as good as last year’s. Beyond that, another running back and some offensive line depth will help flesh out this roster.

Cleveland Browns – DL, OL, LB, EDGE, S, CB, RB

The Browns don’t have many picks after the irksome Deshaun Watson trade. Yet, they have some major holes. They were trounced on the ground last year and have to find some defensive linemen and linebackers that can defend the run. Myles Garrett needs an EDGE rushing partner, and the secondary is weaker than this time last year. They need a backup running back after Kareem Hunt reached free agency. Overall, the Browns have a ton of bad spots on their roster for a team that just signed a quarterback to a massive extension.

Let’s get ready for the chaos at the NFL Draft! Check out my mock draft to find out what player your team might take in the first round!

Be sure to tune into the Dynasty Nerds Youtube Page to watch our very own Dan Toomey and Tim Martens live stream the NFL Draft, full of commentary, special guests, and of course, tons of dynasty analysis from your favorite Dynasty Nerds writers. It’s going to be tons of fun! It’ll take place over the first two days of the draft. Also, be sure to join our discord, as we have tons of live events with our writers and analysts!

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