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Grading 7 Real Dynasty Trades

Today @SteveBradshawFF dives into 7 real trades to give you an idea of the dynasty landscape. To be featured in future articles like this DM your trades to @SteveBradshawFF

In the trade below, Team A is receiving the 1.01, and Team B is receiving the 1.02, Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs. This is the same format used for every trade scenario. All trades took place during this offseason. Format: 12 team Super-flex.

Team A: 1.01 

Team B: 1.02, Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs

With this first trade, team B is trying to acquire the 1.01 for the 1.02, Watson, and Doubs. It’s with almost 100% certainty that the 1.01 will be Bijan Robinson, but there isn’t a clear-cut answer for the 1.02. In a Superflex league, you’re going to be more than likely taking a quarterback at the second spot. On the contrary, there’s still an apparent tier drop from 1.01 to 1.02. 

At the same time, your roster construction plays a big part in this trade, where you’d be leaning more toward the 1.01 if you have two good quarterbacks. If not, I’d go with the 1.02 and these extra assets. From a value perspective, this is a relatively fair trade. Many would say taking Watson and Doubs in exchange for moving down one spot is the obvious answer.

I would say this trade is fair because you’re dropping down a tier in the draft and losing the best player in the deal. With everything said, I’m still leaning toward Team B’s side, even though I believe Watson’s value will drop this off-season. Despite giving up a top-five dynasty running back, it’s hard to argue with the value of an outstanding dynasty quarterback, Watson, and Doubs.

Team A: Kyler Murray

Team B: Late 2024 First, Late 2024 First

This trade is centered around one of the most interesting players this offseason, Murray. After a disastrous year for Murray, where he underperformed and tore his ACL, his value has shot down. It may be tough for Murray to improve next year, as it looks like this offense will get worse, but he’s still only 25. Whereas, in a Superflex format, it’s essential to grab a good quarterback, and despite all these issues, Murray is still a top-12 quarterback. 

While you’ll be getting two first-round picks, there’s a lot of uncertainty about these 2024 players. At the same time, in this scenario, you’re getting picks from contending teams, so you won’t be able to get some of these top talents. This is likely one of the lowest prices Murray will be at, so selling him doesn’t make sense unless you’re a contending team and need production now.

Even though these 2024 picks won’t do that for you, It would be much easier to move these picks for older players than Murray. The value is about equal, but I would take the best piece in the deal, Murray, and bet his value will increase about a year from now.

Team A: A. J. Brown

Team B: 1.02, 1.03, 2.02

Looking at trade, it’s one of the more lopsided ones on the list, as this is not where Brown should be valued. Brown is a tremendous young wide receiver and the best asset in the deal, but It would be crazy not to take team B’s side with these picks. The value is by far in favor of these three picks to where in most leagues, you could get a player of Brown’s value plus another top-five wide receiver. 

To look at this, you can get an elite-level quarterback and wide receiver or running back at the 1.02 and 1.03. To sweeten the deal, you can still grab a solid wide receiver or running back like Sean Tucker, Zach Charbonnet, Zay Flowers, or Josh Downs with the 2.02. While I love Brown, it would be foolish not to take the picks. 

Team A: Justin Fields, Garrett Wilson, Austin Ekeler

Team B: Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, Drake London

Looking at this three-player trade, I believe Team B is on the better side, but the value is close to fair. To break this down one by one, I would rather have Lawrence over Fields, Etienne over Ekeler, and Wilson over London. The only argument you could make on Team A’s side is if you’re a contending team in desperate need of immediate running back production.

Ekeler is already 28, but I expect him to be an RB1 for the next few years due to his play style. Of course, Wilson is a great player, but Lawrence and Etienne are several tiers above Fields and Ekeler. In most scenarios and from a pure value perspective, I would rather have Team B’s side with Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, and Drake London.

Team A: Justin Jefferson

Team B: 1.01, 2.04, 24 Mid-First, Jakobi Meyers.

When trading the consensus number one non-quarterback in dynasty, you’ll need a haul, and that’s exactly what Team B provided. Jefferson is a generation-level wide receiver at only 23. He has averaged 19.4 PPG over his NFL career, which is absurd. 

In return, you’d get the 1.01 which would turn into Bijan Robinson. With the 2.04, I don’t love the players you’ll be able to get, but it should be a solid player like Jalin Hyatt or Kendre Miller. With the 2024 mid-first-round pick, I love the value it holds, and it’s a great addition to the deal. 

Meyers is an underrated asset in dynasty due to his uncertain future with the Patriots. This mediocre quarterback play of Mac Jones and low passing volume is holding Meyers back. However, in the best-case scenario where he leaves the Patriots, I see him as a low-end WR2 to mid-WR3. 

This doesn’t move the needle enough for me because you’re giving up the best asset in the deal, Jefferson. The value is fair, but I would rather have Jefferson due to the elite-level, long-term production you can build your team around. 

Team A: Trey Lance, Tee Higgins, Cole Kmet, 4.02

Team B: Stefon Diggs, Jonathan Taylor, Matthew Stafford

This trade depends on your team’s stage, which is equal value. If you’re looking to win now, grabbing a running back who is still 24 years old in Taylor, and then Diggs and Stafford, is excellent. I don’t love investing in running backs for the long term, but Taylor is still an elite-level talent at the running back position. Diggs is 29 and getting older, but he has been fantastic, and you can expect WR1 to high-end WR2 production for the next few years. 

With Stafford, he’s ancient at 35, but he’s serviceable in a Superflex, especially with the return of Cooper Kupp next year. On the other hand, Team A is receiving a ton of high-upside young players. Tee Higgins is an elite-level wide receiver who is only 24. There’s some uncertainty if he’ll stay with Joe Burrow and the Bengals, as this move could hurt him if he goes to a terrible offense, even if he’s the WR1. 

Additionally, you’d receive Lance, one of the most uncertain assets in the dynasty. There’s no denying Lance’s talent, and he will get a starting job at the NFL level as he was the third overall pick in the NFL draft. With Kmet, he was excellent this year with 8.7 PPG in a terrible Bears offense.

The 4.02 is just a dart throw, so It’s a fine throw, but it doesn’t provide much value. Overall If my team is contending, I’d take team B’s side, whereas if my team is looking to get younger, I will side with team A. From a pure value perspective, I’d rather have team A’s side due to the youth and upside it provides.

Team A: Breece Hall, Kenneth Walker, Isiah Pacheco

Team B: 1.01, Drake London

Even though I don’t love investing in running backs, it’s hard to pass up two of my top three. The 1.01, which will become Bijan Robinson and Drake London, is a fantastic package. Right now, Robinson is a top-three dynasty running back for me, and London is an excellent talent who needs good quarterback play on top of solid passing volume to succeed. 

On the other hand, grabbing two of my top three dynasty running backs is too much to pass up. On top of that, you’re getting Pacheco, although I don’t believe he can maintain the value he has right now. However, if things go right for Pacheco and he keeps this job, he can be a fantastic player. 

Even so, Pacheco is a fantastic additional piece on top of these two top running backs. Overall the value is leaning toward what Team A receives in Hall, Walker, and Pacheco.

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