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Late Round Guys You Need!

Finding value in the late rounds of startups will help you compete right away. Here are three late-round picks who could help this year!

This time of year, we are all looking for advantages over other league mates. Here are a few late-round guys you should be targeting if you are drafting to compete in year one!

I got a Late-Round Thielen!

Adam Thielen is being drafted as WR52 and 138 overall on Sleeper. The main reason for that is age and a little injury concern, but rightfully so. But let’s not forget where Thielen has finished the last four years. He finished as WR7, WR63, WR10, and WR28. When he was WR63, he played in ten games and thirteen games when he finished 28th overall.

So am I saying if he plays in more than 13 games, we can count on him being a WR2? Not exactly, but the odds are excellent. Even if he turns out to be a WR3 this year, you’re still getting him at a fantastic deal. Thielen is going around guys like Christian Kirk, David Bell, and Rondale Moore. He is a guy I’m grabbing a round early to be my WR4 or WR5.

Is Spiller Late-Round Committee Gold?

The Chargers drafted Isaiah Spiller with their fourth-round pick in the NFL draft. A lot of analysts had him as their RB2 in pre-draft rookie rankings. He slid in the NFL draft further than expected, so he dropped in the rookie ranks. Right now, he is going as RB51 and 122 overall on Sleeper.

The Chargers have been looking for an in-between the tackles back for years. First, it was Josh Kelley, then Larry Rountree. Neither of them panned out to be the back they were looking for. Spiller was a better prospect coming out of college than both of them by a lot, in my opinion. He could see 150 to 200 touches realistically, with the Chargers wanting to scale Ekeler’s workload back a little and having no other competition back there. Spiller is going around committee back guys like Chase Edmonds, Michael Carter, and Rashaad Penny. Honestly, those guys don’t have the high-scoring offenses or even a better role. Spiller is an excellent RB3 or RB4 to have on your team.

Woods is Going Where?!

Has Robert Woods just fallen off the planet?! He is going as WR57 and 151 overall on sleeper right now. That’s crazy, considering he has finished as a top fourteen wide receiver the last three years. Yes, he is 30 and coming off an ACL tear, and in a new situation. But Woods has been a safety blanket for every QB and fantasy team he has played for!

Would it surprise you if I told you Woods was on pace for 85 receptions, 130 targets, 1,050 yards, and 7.5 TDs before his injury. In PPR., he would have finished with 235 points and as WR13. Sign me up for his huge discount especially being on a team that doesn’t have a true number one receiver yet. He is going around guys like DJ Chark, John Metchie, and Tyler Lockett. Yes, I would take him over Lockett with the Seahawks having Drew Lock at QB this year.

Late-Round Wins Lead to Championships!

If you can get these guys as your backups, you will be sitting in a great spot to compete this year in your leagues. Don’t be afraid to get these guys a round early, either. They are worth it!!

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