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Draft Day Digest: How to build a Superflex team from the 1.10

Start up season is here. @MandrewH_ shows you how to build a dynasty team from pick 1.10 which presents a more interesting challenge!

Startup season is upon us, which means it’s time for a dynasty Superflex mock draft!

There is no better feeling than a draft day, but it is even sweeter in a dynasty league. You are drafting a team that isn’t like any old redraft team. You are making a commitment. It is a marriage, and like marriages getting fantasy rosters annulled can be pricey.

Also, like marriages, they can be fun! The roster you lock in will certainly not be the same roster you play around with when the season rolls around. You will have downtimes this offseason where you will be thinking to yourself. This needs a new face.

Don’t forget the training camp videos. Those things are like dynamite to a dynasty roster.

There is a cure to getting caught up in the noise, and it requires two steps. One is spending a lot of money on a sensory-deprivation chamber like Daredevil. The other is, drafting promising players. We know that drafting a good team is easier said than done. There are tough decisions to be had, and that is why you trust us here at Dynasty Nerds!

We have the latest ADP from the world-renowned Sleeper, and we are going to run you through who we feel should be your pick in a startup draft when picking from the 1.10. We will be going through 15 rounds of a Superflex startup draft with ten starting players and five bench spots. The lineup specifics are below. And with that, let’s dive into this dynasty Superflex mock draft!

(Lineup we are drafting for is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, SF, Flex, Flex, and five Bench spots)

Draft Spot 1.10: Kyle Pitts, TE, ATL

Other options: Dak Prescott

When you are drafting a Superflex dynasty team, the QB is pretty important. It may be time for a new approach when you are picking at the back half of the first. He will be the best player available for you here and gives you someone who should be the best at his position for years to come. Kyle Pitts will be a target machine for the Falcons’ passing game, at least for this year, but from now on, it appears he will be the focus of this offense.

Draft Spot 2.03: Mark Andrews, TE, BAL

Other Option: D’Andre Swift and CeeDee Lamb

Yes, we went with a TE with our first pick but follow the thought process with me here. Considering we could have also landed young players like CeeDee Lamb and D’Andre Swift, it would make sense to go that way, except it doesn’t. Swift is on a team where we have no idea what the long-term look that offense will have. For Lamb, Dak Prescott has shown he loves to pass the ball to more than just one guy primarily, limiting what we can project with him. As for Mark Andrews, like Pitts, he will be a target machine for a long time in this Ravens offense. They will extend Lamar Jackson, traded away Marquise Brown, and thus leaving the receiving options to be primarily Andrews. 

Draft Spot 3.10: Trevor Lawrence, QB, LAX

Other Options: DK. Metcalf and Tyreek Hill

While it would be nice to have a playmaking number one receiver like Tyreek Hill or DK Metcalf, we can’t ignore the QB position anymore. At this point, there are not many starters on stable ground to choose from, so we go with the low-hanging fruit of Trevor Lawrence. Last year was the hardest year Lawrence has had from a football perspective in his life. How do the Jaguars address that? They got him a boat load of weapons and a coaching staff who have shown they can coach up QBs. You love to see two great things for young QBs: reliable coaching staff and weapons galore. Sign me up on Lawrence this year and beyond. He’s a solid first QB in this dynasty Superflex mock draft for this roster.

Draft Spot 4.03: Justin Fields, QB, CHI

Other Options: Drake London and Cam Akers

Being through two rounds and having addressed two positions may not seem ideal, but it is practical given what is available. With the TEs, you have a guaranteed winning matchup each week for the most part. By rolling with the duo of Justin Fields and Lawrence now at QB, you are betting big time on the bounce back. Keep in mind that dynasty leagues are all about the long play. If Fields or Lawrence don’t work out, then look to the rookie drafts over the next two years; tons of talent. On the flip side, if these guys pan out, you are way ahead of everyone else in your league. Remember, this is a Superflex mock draft, so we can see what going back-to-back QB can make your team look like.

Draft Spot 5.10: Michael Pittman Jr., WR, IND

Other Options: Terry McLaurin

There are many high-risk, high-reward picks in this mock draft, especially when you see us passing on Terry McLaurin. Michael Pittman Jr. is a gigantic projection at this point, despite him showing constant growth. That being said, though, we have no idea what the long-term play is for the Commanders at QB. They brought in Carson Wentz and then drafted Sam Howell. Neither of those options excites me for McLaurin. The same can be said, though, with the Colts bringing in Matt Ryan. One difference, though. Ryan has proven to be consistent if nothing else, and in the Colts’ offense, he should be as comfortable as he has been since Kyle Shanahan left Atlanta.

Draft Spot 6.03: Jerry Jeudy, WR, DEN

Other Options: Mike Evans

This is where the instant reward starts to come from picks, starting with Jerry Jeudy. The former first-round pick remains one of the best route runners I have ever evaluated. He even drew a comparison to Marvin Harrison. He couldn’t overcome Drew Lock at QB, but all signs point to him thriving with the new Bronco, Russell Wilson. Longterm stability and youth get the edge for me over someone like Mike Evans. One of my favorite picks this year, in general, is Jeudy, but in this dynasty Superflex mock draft as a WR2, I love his potential even more.

Draft Spot 7.10: Amari Cooper, WR, CLE

Other Options: Dalton Schultz and Rashod Bateman

Lots of great options here at pick ten in round seven of this Superflex mock draft. We don’t go with Dalton Schultz because we already have two TEs, and with Rashod Bateman, we can’t trust that offense. Give me Amari Cooper, one of the league’s best route runners, in Cleveland with Deshaun Watson and Jacoby Brissett. Cooper will be, without a doubt, the team’s WR1, and in a new explosive offense, you want that. He has two years left on his deal. Get as much juice out of him as you can before jumping ship.

Draft Spot 8.03: James Cook, RB, BUF

Other Options: Darnell Mooney

Two low-risk, high-reward options here in the eighth round, and what makes the difference for me is who is in the better offense. Easy answer, it’s James Cook. Hopefully, he will be the running game workhorse that Buffalo has long needed, not to mention his work in their successful passing game. Cook was an all-around back at Georgia, and he comes into the league with a set of fresh legs. I love his upside now and going forward.

Draft Spot 9.10: Gabriel Davis, WR, BUF

Other Options: Allen Robinson

Going back to the Buffalo Bills offensive, well, here, we need a WR, and getting Gabriel Davis at this value should make you smile. The other option, Allen Robinson, is 28 years old and will be the new face in an already established offense. We don’t know what he will be for the Rams, whereas we know Davis will be a focus in his offense. For Davis in this spot, we get a youthful infusion at the position with a ton of potential immediately and down the road. He is under contract until 2025, the same year that Stefon Diggs is on the back end of his big contract. Davis may be Josh Allen’s number one target sooner rather than later. He will be worth the wait and could prove one of the biggest values in this dynasty Superflex mock draft.

Draft Spot 10.03: Dameon Pierce, RB, HOU

Other Options: Mike Gesicki

Another rookie was added to the roster, but this is one that not enough people are excited about. Dameon Pierce was criminally underutilized while at the University of Florida, but the NFL should know what it has in the former Senior Bowl runner now. He has a complete skillset but is built for a more of a power-back system that the Texans run. With second-year passer Davis Mills still developing, I expect Pierce to be a significant part of the offense this year and potentially going forward. Picks this late involve a lot of projection which makes Pierce fitting here.

Draft Spot 11.10: Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, NE

Other Options: Michael Gallup

Rhamondre Stevenson was one of the more pleasant surprises from an overall intriguing 2021 rookie RB class. Stevenson would appear in 12 games as a rookie but didn’t receive a meaningful workload until week ten against Cleveland. In the team’s final eight games, he would rush for 470 yards on just 97 carries while still splitting work with Damien Harris. It was reported that Matt Patricia is the leading candidate to run the Patriots’ offense, and with that, we may see more work for Stevenson. Again, tons of upside for him going forward, which should have you excited to get him in round 11.

Draft Spot 12.03: Adam Thielen, WR, MIN

Other Options: Carson Wentz and Daniel Jones

The first pick in a while where it was a tough one to make because of the Superflex aspect. Both Carson Wentz and Daniel Jones are heading into this season as the bonafide starter, but both couldn’t be on shakier ground if they lived on the San Andreas fault line. On the other hand, Adam Thielen is also a proven starter for his team. With the way he has spoken to the media lately, he couldn’t be more excited for the new offense. Head coach Kevin O’Connell brings over his Super Bowl-winning passing attack from the Rams, which has me excited for Thielen. This year he should be a good start, and while he won’t be around for a long time, he will be having a good time for now.

Roster Recap 

Clearly, the TE position will be the shiny spot on this roster, but it isn’t the only position to be excited about. Having Pitts and Andrews gives this lineup a definitive advantage and both TEs a flex position; don’t forget that. 

There may be some hesitation and regret at RB, but there shouldn’t be. Getting the rookies like Dameon Pierce and James Cook are some low-risk, high-reward options. Especially, Cook, I believe that is a dream landing spot for him and his skillset with that offense. The same goes for Pierce, and his style will mesh perfectly with what they want to do in Houston. Dash in the second year back in Stevenson, who is primed to take over New England’s backfield, has a silent but deadly RB group.

QB and WRs, though, those groups may leave you feeling nauseous after the draft but pop a Pepto Bismol tablet and think about this. Both positions are constantly getting a youthful infusion into the NFL, and if things don’t work out, you have rookie picks for a reason. Obviously, you never want to plan to lose, so now, for the positive part, both Fields and Lawrence got new coaching staff and new weapons around them. These situations have gotten exponentially better and are worth buying into, especially in the Superflex format.

Remember, Dynasty is About the Long Play

As for the receivers, it will have to be a wait-and-see game. If Pittman can carve out a true top-end WR, he will produce on a career level. Davis may have to wait to earn a more consistent role. Think about what we saw in his three-touchdown performance in the playoffs should have you excited. In the meantime, enjoy the immediate return on investment with the Thielen pick.

This dynasty Superflex mock draft may look like a piece that Picasso would paint when you look at the roster. However, when you look deeper, you see its value. Be patient with it, love it, take care of it, make some moves throughout the year, and win a title.

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