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Nerd Score is a composite metric that takes the attributes that show up on tape and it gives them a numerical grade. This isn’t a fantasy ranking system and it doesn’t factor injury history, draft capital, or landing spot, etc. This is meant to show the raw talent level of the individual prospects before any external circumstances are added.

* Nerd Scores are concrete once the players are drafted. These scores will not be adjusted post-draft.

  • 85+ – Generational Talent
  • 80-84.9 – Elite Fantasy Producer
  • 75-79.9 – Fantasy Starter
  • 70-74.9 – Flex Option
  • 65-69.9 – Backup with Starter Upside
  • 60-64.9 – Average Backup
  • 55-59.9 – Bench Depth
  • 54.9 – Not Worth Owning
Wide Receiver | All Years
Running Back | All Years


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