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NFL Betting: A Guide on Getting Started

We are already nearly halfway through 2023, so that means that the 2023-24 NFL season is on the way! Things kick off as usual in September, so we only have a few glorious summer months to wait until the action starts. 

If you are new to the sport, did you know that you can have some fun and potentially make a little cash while watching games? We are, of course, talking about sports betting. NFL betting adds another dimension to the games and makes the action much more exciting. If this is something you are interested in, we have made an introductory NFL betting guide below.  

Selecting the right sportsbook is critical  

There are many sports betting sites to choose from, and this can seem overwhelming for first-time gamblers. As a result, it’s important you understand what to look for and the different features that make some sportsbooks better than others. Notable features to check include: 

  • Promotions. 
  • Accepted payment methods. 
  • NFL games covered. 
  • NFL odds. 
  • Casino license. 

The first thing you need to check is if the sportsbook has a license from a valid regulatory body. This is usually listed at the bottom of the website. A license means the site has to comply with gambling laws and regulations and helps prevent scamming. 

Also, check out the NFL games they cover to make sure you have an extensive range of matches to bet on. It’s also wise to compare NFL odds between sports betting sites and see if there is one platform that provides better odds. In most instances, the odds are fairly consistent, but there could be variances. 

Lastly, look at the payment methods they accept so you can make sure you can actually deposit money at the sportsbook.  

There are many different types of NFL bets to place 

With the right sports betting site selected and your welcome offer claimed, you need to know what you can actually bet on. NFL betting has a range of options, including points spreads, moneylines, futures, and more, which we’ll discuss below.  

Points spread 

Points spread bets are the most common, and you are betting on two factors – the outcome and the points difference. 

For example, a points spread could be the Miami Dolphins with a -6.5. In this bet, you are wagering on the Miami Dolphins winning by a margin of at least 6.5 points. 


Moneylines are the simplest type of NFL bet, as you are simply betting on the outcome of the match – not on the outcome and the points difference. I recommend these bets for first-timers as they are much easier to understand. 

The downside is that the odds are usually lower than points spread bets. This is because it is theoretically much easier to predict just the outcome of a game than predicting the outcome and the points spread. 

In most instances, you have to put a decent sum on to get less back. For example, you pick the Patriots to win over the Buccaneers, and the odds are 5-1. This means that if you put a $50 bet, you would only win $10 (plus your stake back). 

Parlays and Teasers 

Parlays are for the high rollers and those who want to try and hit it big. These are combination bets of at least two selections, where all your selections must come true for you to win. For example, you might make a parlay bet selecting points spreads for both the Buccaneers and Rams. 

If the Buccaneers selection wins, but the Rams doesn’t, you won’t win anything. Due to the reduced chance of making a successful parlay prediction, the odds are usually much higher, and you can get some amazing payouts. 


Did you know that you can actually place NFL bets before the season starts? These are known as futures bets, and they are not exclusive to the NFL. Futures are a common form of general betting in which people bet on the predicted outcome of something that may happen at a later date. 

You can find a variety of futures bets, such as particular playing positions like wide receivers or your favorite NFL teams. The odds for these are preset, and you are essentially gambling on what might happen. An example of a futures bet could be that the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl – but you are taking that bet before they have even played a game. 

Educate yourself today and start NFL betting intelligently 

Of course, betting is all about luck, and the results have to go your way to win money. However, you can do much in NFL betting to swing the odds somewhat in your favor and minimize the risk. Always manage your bankroll and never bet 100% of your available funds.  

This is a surefire way to go bust, so you must be conservative and go for the long game. Understanding the different bets is important, too, as is selecting the right sportsbook and making use of welcome offers. 

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