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NFL Power Rankings Week 2

@DarthDbacks gives his NFL Power Rankings before week two begins, find out where your team is ranked and whether they rose or fell.

The NFL Season kicked off, and Week One is already over. It’s always a fun time to rank the NFL teams in what are called NFL Power Rankings. I’ve done this before, ranking them according to the dynasty talent on their teams. Now, it’s about the whole team. These NFL Power Rankings will be ranked according to five areas. Those areas are quarterback, the offense as a whole, the defense, and coaching. The fifth area is how they have been doing over the last few games or on the whole season, depending on where in the season it is. A bad GM can still create a good team. Look at Steve Keim, who built numerous playoff teams despite being a not-great general manager.

These NFL power rankings will be done every week, so check back in and see where they are all ranked. With that said, let’s get started below.

32. Houston Texans

The Texans and Cardinals are arguably tied for the worst team after Week 1. CJ Stroud was outmatched throughout the game against the Ravens’ defense. He took five sacks and consistently was not doing well with his pocket presence. The offensive line didn’t help matters either by being extremely porous. Their defense played well, but it is a work in progress. Plus, everywhere you looked, there were mistakes. This is a very young team that is still developing quite a bit.

31. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals deserve to be in last just as much as the Texans. That offense was atrocious. They had just 210 total yards on offense and 13 first downs. That’s abysmal. Plus, they dealt with numerous penalties that set all phases of their team back. Josh Dobbs is a tank commander, it appears. At least there was one upside. Their defense was strong, and Coach Gannon will be proud. They scored on defense, forced three turnovers, limited the Commanders to just 248 yards, and sacked quarterback Sam Howell six times. That’s a strong showing and got them the 31st ranking.

30. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts had a lot of moments that teased their future potential. They also had a lot of moments that showed just how raw and unfinished they were. Anthony Richardson had plenty of nice moments, but then he got hurt with a knee injury due to how many unneeded hits he kept taking. He will have to learn how to mesh his running talent with getting down and being a quarterback. The Colts defense played better than expected against the vaunted Jaguars. Overall, the team badly needed a premier running back who could take pressure off the Colts offense. If only they knew where one was.

29. Chicago Bears

The Bears went in the wrong direction when I said last week that they could rise or fall. Justin Fields just didn’t take that step everyone hoped he would. There’s still time, but he looked like the same Fields as last year. The offense was boring, with penalties and no consistency. Roschon Johnson was a highlight, but DJ Moore saw just two targets in this game. That’s unacceptable. Plus, Chicago’s defense, the one they spent gobs of money on, was sliced and diced by the Packers. Jordan Love looked like Rodgers with how many easy completions he had. Plus, the coaching was lackluster, as there weren’t any adjustments, and they turned the ball over on downs multiple times.

28. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers played like a young team with a new coaching staff and a rookie quarterback. This isn’t a bad thing. Bryce Young did well, though he did throw two interceptions. Their skill players didn’t do much to help their quarterback. And the defense was just good. They didn’t help take the pressure off by shutting down the Falcons. There’s plenty of time and no alarming signs to be concerned about.

27. New York Giants

LANDOVER, MD – DECEMBER 18: New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) throws a pass during pregame drills prior to the New York Giants game versus the Washington Commanders on December 18, 2022, at FedEx Field in Landover, MD. (Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire)

Boy, are those the same Giants from last year? This team looked like a completely different team from last season. They fell from 8th to 27th here after being shut out by the Dallas Cowboys on national TV. Their high-priced quarterback and running back did nothing to inspire confidence or get this offense going. The defense couldn’t stop the Cowboys. The special teams had a blocked field goal for a touchdown. The offensive line had zero answer for the Cowboys’ pass rush. This team looked like a rookie team instead of a playoff contender.

26. New England Patriots

The Patriots did far better than I expected against the Eagles. They stayed in the game despite giving up 16 early points. After an interception returned for a touchdown, Mac Jones got composed and led numerous good drives. After a rough preseason, Kayshon Boutte came back to life with a decent game. The coaching staff did a great job managing and keeping the team in the game. It was only 25-20 at the end. Perhaps the Eagles didn’t play well, but the Patriots still kept it close. Good sign for the future.

25. Denver Broncos

The Broncos just had a game of two halves. They lost to their nemesis, Raiders, mostly due to themselves. Russell Wilson started hot with two touchdowns and 17/19 passing over the first half. However, they shot themselves in the foot with penalties and untimely plays that allowed the Raiders to win. It was a winnable game, but the Broncos once again fell short. The Raiders didn’t earn the win. The Broncos handed it to them, especially with the ten penalties.

24. Las Vegas Raiders

Whether beauty or beast, a win is a win. The Raiders didn’t play like a winner. They struggled to run the ball. They couldn’t get the ball to their star wideout Davante Adams. Jimmy Garappolo took numerous unnecessary hits, mainly due to the offense line. They struggled in the red zone, where Garappolo threw a pick. Yet, they still won because they did just enough to get it done. They made a few timely plays, limited the penalties, and walked a tightrope to victory. However, how many times can they walk that tightrope?

23. Washington Commanders

The Commanders had a ferocious defense against the weak Cardinals. They won the game for the Commanders, not the offense. They were constantly in the backfield, sacking the quarterback and interrupting passing lanes. It was a Ron Rivera defense at its best. However, the offense stunk. They made multiple errors, couldn’t pass protect to save their lives, and kept turning over the ball. If this offense can be even league average, the Commanders might be a sneaky playoff team.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers

So much for all that preseason hype about how good the Steelers offense was. Regardless of how dominant the 49ers defense is, the offense was horrific. Kenny Pickett had two interceptions and could’ve been a lot more. The run game was non-existent, which shouldn’t happen when you have Najee Harris. Besides TJ Watt, the Steelers defense was not awake. If Watt didn’t have three strip-sacks, I can’t even imagine how many points the 49ers would’ve scored. The Steelers had one nice drive at the end of the first half, where they went 90+ yards and scored. One nice drive doesn’t excuse an awful game.

21. Tennessee Titans

The Titans stayed in the game until the very end. It was a great start on special teams, where they got a fumble on the kickoff to set up their offense well. Derrick Henry had a fine game. Their defense did well, holding the Saints to just 16 points. Most times, 16 points means you lose that game. However, quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the offensive line struggled. He couldn’t get the ball downfield at all. And, the coaching had some weird decisions like denying penalties and not going for it on fourth down when down four and instead opting for a field goal.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I don’t think anyone who doesn’t live in Tampa Bay expected the Buccaneers to win against the Vikings. It was ugly, but it worked out. Baker Mayfield gutted out a tough win and led numerous drives to score touchdowns or drain the clock. The offensive line wasn’t good, but Baker made it work. So did the wide receivers, who helped take pressure off Mayfield, who was constantly under pressure. However, the game was won thanks to the Bucs defense. They got Kirk Cousins to turn the ball over three times.

19. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks looked nothing like a playoff team from last year. They failed to score points or sustain long drives. They couldn’t maintain an offensive drive. The defense forgot what pass defense is. They improved some at stopping the rush, which was a positive from last year. However, their pass defense allowed Matthew Stafford and Puka Nacua to cook. The Rams had the Hawks’ number, and the Hawks just never got comfortable. They have a lot to fix, as this Rams team wasn’t anyone’s idea of a dominant team.

18. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams shockingly beat the Seahawks. They did it without Cooper Kupp. They sustained long drives and saw breakout performances from Puka Nacua and Tutu Atwell. Their defense held strong and played far better than expected. Sean McVay reminded the NFL world just how good a coach he is. The Rams executed a brilliant game plan, and it worked. They won the game.

17. New Orleans Saints

PHILADELPHIA, PA – JANUARY 01: New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Chris Olave (12) makes a catch during the first half of the National Football League game between the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles on January 1, 2023, at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire)

Even though the Saints won, I can’t rank them higher. Derek Carr did well but didn’t raise the offense to another level. It struggled a lot. The defense was dominant and shut down the Titans. It showcased a lot of talent and will be a force in the NFC South. However, their special teams won the game. They blocked a punt and kept the ball deep in the Titans’ territory. This team has the talent to be a playoff threat if the offense gets going.

16. Cleveland Browns

The Browns smashed the Bengals all over the field on Sunday. However, they weren’t without issues. Plus, part of me thinks the rain and the fact that Joe Burrow didn’t practice for a month led to more issues than the Browns defense created. Still, the defense played great, limiting Burrow to just 82 passing yards. The offense was okay. Watson didn’t seem like the Watson of old. He couldn’t get the ball downfield. He did showcase his rushing ability, which is good news for Browns’ fans. This team is going towards being a playoff team. However, if the deep ball isn’t there against a bad Steelers secondary, that will be concerning.

15. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons played a very safe game. They didn’t make Desmond Ridder throw the ball deep or do anything he isn’t good at. They failed to get their top-skill guys, Drake London and Kyle Pitts, the ball, which won’t be good in the future. However, they leaned heavily on the run and short passing game. Tyler Allgeier and Bijan Robinson carried this offense to success. That will be their game plan every week. And that defense was outstanding against the young Panthers. Jessie Bates showed up massively.

14. Minnesota Vikings

It was embarrassing to see the Vikings lose to the Buccaneers at home. This defense doesn’t seem any better than it was last year. Brian Flores was supposed to be an upgrade at defensive coordinator, but the same issues still plagued them. They couldn’t stop the offense or get a turnover. The offense had even more problems, failing to run the ball effectively or not turn the ball over. If this Vikings team wants to beat the Lions for the NFC North crown, they will have to fix those areas immediately.

13. Green Bay Packers

The Jordan Love era officially started with a bang. They destroyed the Bears in a game that never seemed close after the first quarter. Love settled in nicely and got the ball to his skill guys quickly and accurately. Aaron Jones reminded the NFL he’s still an RB1 with multiple devastating long gashes against the defense. The defense was even better than the offense, with Quay Walker leading the charge. He had a huge interception and returned it for a touchdown to shut the Bear’s momentum down. Every facet of this team was solid.

12. Buffalo Bills

I’m not sure what happened to the Bills, but they played very un-Bills like on Monday. After knocking Aaron Rodgers out of the game, they failed to take advantage of Zach Wilson. They only turned him over once on defense. They couldn’t pressure him real well. Their run defense was non-existent, with Breece Hall piling up the yards. The offense was even worse. Josh Allen never played like Josh Allen. He threw three ugly interceptions. They had an easy win and turned it into a loss. This team just didn’t have the same energy or crispness from last year.

11. Baltimore Ravens

BALTIMORE, MD – DECEMBER 19: Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews (89) makes a leaping one-handed catch over the middle but can bring it down for a catch during the Green Bay Packers versus Baltimore Ravens NFL game at M&T Bank Stadium on December 19, 2021 in Baltimore, MD. (Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire)

The Ravens new offense, which was hyped up to be great, was instead lackluster. This is especially true considering they played the Texans. Yes, they didn’t have Mark Andrews, but Lamar Jackson didn’t look comfortable. He also barely ran the ball. That was shocking. Then, the Ravens lost JK Dobbins to an Achilles tear, and now this offense is in a very weird place. Zay Flowers did well, though, and will be their WR1, which was encouraging to see. The defense was solid as usual, and kept getting the Ravens the ball back. However, this offense won’t be strong enough to win games against tough opponents if they don’t adjust to the new system quickly.

10. New York Jets

This team played with absolute heart and passion on Monday. It didn’t matter that they lost Rodgers to injury. They rallied around Zach Wilson and gutted out a massive win. Garrett Wilson had a jaw-dropping play to score the Jets’ game-tying touchdown. Jordan Whitehead picked off Josh Allen three times. In general, the defense was all over the field and limited the Bills to just 16 points. Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook dominated the ground game and led the Jets’ offense to victory. And that special teams group is good. Xavier Gipson won them the game with his huge walk-off punt return for a touchdown in overtime. These aren’t the Jets of old.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

It was hard figuring out where to put these Bengals. On one hand, you know they won’t ever have this bad a game again. On the other hand, they had a humiliating and embarrassing game against their rival Browns. The offense looked out of sync, which was to be expected. Joe Burrow did miss all of the preseason. Plus, it was pouring rain, which always messes up offenses. The defense did well and didn’t have any glaring issues. The only real issue is their offensive line. That will hamper them long-term once again if it doesn’t improve.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars had some early mistakes that made me question if they were the same team from last year. Then, Calvin Ridley took over the game, and I knew they were. The offense played well and looked in sync. The fact they did so well without getting the ball to Christian Kirk tells me that we haven’t seen the best of them yet. The defense kept the Colts in check with only minor issues. The Jaguars are the best team in the AFC South.

7. Kansas City Chiefs

Yes, the Chiefs should probably be higher. They didn’t have Kelce or Chris Jones. However, this game also showed me that the Chiefs aren’t exactly an amazing team. They are a very good team. But, outside of Travis Kelce, their skill guys are lackluster. The defense is good but not elite. Until they have a more complete game that doesn’t rely solely on Mahomes, they can’t be a top-three team.

6. Los Angeles Chargers

Yes, the Chargers lost, but their offense was one of the best in the NFL. Their special teams were great. The defense showed a lot of potential despite being eviscerated by Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, and the Dolphins. Justin Herbert finally has a strong offensive coordinator. And in nearly any other game, scoring as many points as the Chargers did would win you the game. It’s a one-game sample, but I’m leaning towards the offense being good and the defense being not near as bad as it was on Sunday. They have a far more complete team right now than the Chiefs.

5. Detroit Lions

The Lions proved to the NFL world that it’s time to take them seriously. They took down the Chiefs using all three facets of their game. Their rookie class was spectacular, as Jahmyr Gibbs had highlight plays, and Brian Branch returned an interception for a touchdown. Plus, Jack Campbell and Sam LaPorta are studs. Jared Goff, Amon-Ra St.Brown, and the offense sizzled for much of the night. The defense kept the Chiefs in check. They limited extended drives. Aidan Hutchinson was constantly applying pressure. This team is really good.

4. Dallas Cowboys

While the offense was not good, the Cowboys dominated the Giants with their stifling defense and special teams. I can’t remember the last time a defense and special teams were so good. Their defense scored a touchdown. Their field goal team blocked a kick and returned it for a touchdown. Dan Quinn had this defense cooking. It might take time for the Cowboys’ offense to get going with a new system under Mike McCarthy, but the talent is there to do it.

3. Miami Dolphins

MIAMI GARDENS, FL – OCTOBER 16: Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) runs after the catch for a big gain during the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins on October 16, 2022 at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL (Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire)

The Dolphins offense is absurd. It’s Madden-levels of good. They had 536 yards of offense against a good Chargers defense. Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and Raheem Mostert were lethal with their speed. They kept finding open holes and gashing the defense for yards. Tua looked like a man possessed, dropping dimes right into spots where defenders couldn’t get the ball. Plus, the defense toughened up when it mattered most and stopped the Chargers prolific offense. This team is a Super Bowl contender if this defense can defend better and get stronger against the run.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

While it was raining and a Patriots’ home game, I expected more out of the Eagles. They looked like it was a post-season hangover. Jalen Hurts wasn’t super crisp. They failed to get the ball to their key players. Philadelphia couldn’t do anything on third downs on offense, going just 4-13. However, it was just the first game. They still won. The defense was lethal and strong. They have too much talent on this team to not figure it out. Plus, I guarantee they won’t forget to get the ball to Dallas Goedert again.

1. San Francisco 49ers

In my opinion, this team is the favorite to win the Super Bowl. I couldn’t find a thing they did wrong on Sunday as they blew out the Steelers. Brock Purdy showcased that he is the franchise quarterback for the 49ers. He shut up the doubters. His arm is fully healthy. Christian McCaffrey had an easy 150+ yards of scrimmage. Brandon Aiyuk was elite in the passing game. The defense was dominant despite a rough game from Nick Bosa. Talanoa Hufanga and Drake Jackson were bullying the Steelers. It’s just a perfect game. They never once struggled or slipped up.

Come back next week to see the next version of the NFL Power Rankings. Maybe a surprise team will rise or fall them even more.

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As always, May the Force be with You…

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