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Scott Fish Bowl Overview – #SFB12

The Scott Fish Bowl is one of the industry’s largest and longest-running fantasy football tournaments. Going into year twelve, founder Scott Fish has built the ‘must play’ event of the year for fantasy gamers. The best part, it is all for a good cause. Scott has based the event around the spirit of giving and charitable donations. Participants are encouraged to represent a charity and find unique ways to foster a charitable atmosphere. Two of the most anticipated announcements during any Fish Bowl are the roster/scoring settings and the theme. Past themes have included music, games & toys, and video games. The theme this year is all about connecting the community. Players are grouped in divisions based on city, both real-life and fictional. The roster and scoring settings were also already announced. Let’s spend some time diving into that. 

Roster Settings

Superflex is the name of the game in Scott Fish this year, and quarterbacks have never been more valuable; the good quarterbacks, that is. We will dive into that more when we go over the scoring settings. The complete list of roster settings is as follows:


The immediate takeaway is that you will have to be deep at wide receiver to find success in the Scott Fish Bowl. The rosters for this tournament are very deep. Another wrinkle is that you can flex kickers! We can go over how kicker scoring works in the scoring section, but it is easy to say that kicker is a position you will want to consider for a weekly flex spot.

Scoring Settings

Scoring settings in the Scott Fish Bowl are always unique and often lead to innovations other fantasy leagues have adopted for many years. Tight-end premium and point per first down are examples of this. Good quarterbacks are gold in this format. In Scott Fish Bowl, quarterbacks score the following:

In summary, if a quarterback has a completion percentage above about 65%, they score positive points from the completion bonus. If they are below that 65% mark, they are penalized for lack of accurate passes. This bonus/penalty scales with the number of pass attempts by the offense. For example, Tom Brady threw the ball over 700 times last year while the Chicago Bears attempted just 542 passes. Hypothetically, let’s say Justin Fields can match Tom Brady in completion percentage, and they both hit the 68% mark. Despite having the same completion percentage, Brady will score 50% more completion bonus points based on the passing volume. 

The rest of the scoring is as follows:

Third-Round Reversal

The newest addition to the rules this year is the inclusion of a third-round reversal. For those unfamiliar, a third-round reversal is when a snake draft’s draft order flips after the second round’s conclusion. So the player picking at the end of the first and beginning of the second will also pick at the beginning of the third. The inverse is that the first overall slot will pick at the end of both the second and third rounds. This rule balances the first overall pick’s power, especially in a Superflex league with such crazy quarterback scoring. To break down the power of picking at the turn this year, this chart outlines how many top 25 picks each draft slot will receive: 

Support Your Nerds

Many of your favorite DynastyNerd writers and analysts compete in this year’s Scott Fish Bowl. Be sure to give them all a follow on Twitter to keep up with their live draft reactions. We have also included some charities we will be representing:

Dan Toomey – @DanT_NFL – Single Parents With MS

Jon Glosser – @Glosser13 – St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital

Matt Cooper – @devy2dynastyfr

Marco Enriquez – @Marco_14P – St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital

Dwight Peebles – @ffpeebleschamp – The Jed Foundation

Jesse Reeves – @JesseReevesFF – The Jed Foundation

Matt Jackson – @DevyMatt 

Jake Oliver – @DarthDbacks – Treasure House

Corey Easterday – @CoreyEasterday – Current Initiatives

Jayson Snyder – @Spydes78 – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Nick Piovano – @DynastyStump – Women Have Options – Ohio

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