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Top PA Eagles Players For Sports Bettors Should Follow

The Philadelphia Eagles have a talented roster with players who possess the potential to make a significant impact on the field. With a combination of experienced veterans and promising young talent, the team can compete at a high level, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a sports bettor looking for an edge it’s important to keep an eye on these top Eagles players. From Jalen Hurts to Jason Kelce, these individuals have proven themselves as key contributors to the team’s success. If you want to bet on these players yourself, check out the choices listed here for the top Pennsylvania online sportsbooks. And without further ado, here are some of the top PA Eagles players to follow.

Jalen Hurts, Quarterback

Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles has rapidly gained recognition and popularity in the NFL as he has proven himself to be a versatile and athletic player showcasing his skills on the field. Hurts has been ranked among the top three players on the Eagles’ roster, highlighting his impact and contribution to the team. He is the only NFL quarterback to have multiple seasons with at least 10 rushing touchdowns and 750 rushing yards. His ability to make plays both through the air and on the ground makes Hurts a player to watch closely.

AJ Brown, Wide Receiver

AJ Brown’s first season for the Eagles was an outstanding one and as a wide receiver, he showcased his skills by recording 11 receiving touchdowns and accumulating 1,496 receiving yards. Since his NFL debut in 2019, Brown has consistently been the league leader in receiving yards per target, averaging an impressive 10.2 yards. AJ Brown and his ability to consistently make big plays has made him a favorite target for the Eagles’ quarterbacks.

Haason Reddick, Edge

Last season was one for the books for Haason Reddick, a defensive player for the Philadelphia Eagles as he recorded a total of 49 tackles with 35 of them being solo tackles. Reddick’s pass rush win rate of 27.5% was the second highest in the league. With his talent for disrupting opposing offenses and creating turnovers, Reddick is a game-changing player who can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game.

Lane Johnson, Offensive Tackle

Lane Johnson, an offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, has proven to be a formidable presence on the football field and despite facing injuries Johnson has shown remarkable resilience and has not allowed a single sack since the 2020 season. His consistent performance has earned him the honor of being selected for the Pro Bowl four times. Johnson is particularly renowned for his exceptional pass-blocking skills which have been recognized and according to their analysis, Johnson has the highest pass-block win rate among all tackles since 2020 with an impressive success rate of 94.8%. This statistic speaks to his ability to effectively protect the quarterback and prevent opposing defenders from reaching him. Johnson’s contributions to the Eagles’ offensive line have undoubtedly played a significant role in their success.

DeVonta Smith, Wide Receiver

DeVonta Smith’s season last year was a very impressive one with the Philadelphia Eagles, one that he will not be forgetting. The Eagles wide receiver displayed his skills by achieving a career-high of 1,196 receiving yards and he also made history by setting a new record for the most catches in a season by an Eagles receiver with 95 receptions. Smith’s remarkable speed, agility and precise route-running abilities make him a formidable weapon in the Eagles’ offensive strategy.

Darius Slay, Corner Back

Darius Slay, the cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles, has consistently been acknowledged as one of the premier players in the NFL. He received his fifth Pro Bowl selection last season and was appointed team captain for the first time. Slay’s talent for making impactful plays was evident with three return touchdowns and 55 tackles, 40 of which were solo. His leadership qualities and ability to make game-changing plays make him a player worth keeping an eye on.

Jason Kelce, Center

Jason Kelce, the center for the Philadelphia Eagles is a seasoned player who has played a vital role in the team’s achievements. Many have recognized his exceptional pass block rate, ranking him seventh among all offensive linemen who have played at least 400 snaps at center. Kelce’s impressive ability to sustain his blocks for 2.5 seconds or longer with a success rate of 96% demonstrates his strength and technique and his presence on the offensive line is crucial for the Eagles’ overall success.

As the season is underway, keep an eye on these top players from the Eagles who have the potential to make a very significant impact on the field for these players have the skills and abilities to contribute greatly to the team’s success. By closely watching their performances, you can gain insight into their contributions and how they can influence the outcome of games. Stay tuned and pay attention to these standout Eagles players as they strive to make a difference on the field. Whether you’re a fan or a sports bettor their performances can provide valuable insights and opportunities.

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