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Strategies to win your Superflex dynasty startup

It is startup season. @Dynasty_Devil takes you through some of his favorite strategies for start up drafts.

One of the most popular aspects of the dynasty offseason is startups. Startup season is about to be in full swing. Here at Dynasty Nerds, we try to give you an edge when you join your next league. For this article, I will break down some strategies that I find successful when entering a startup.

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In startups, the quarterbacks go fast, so you need to be ready to pounce. It’s easy to miss out when the rest of the league is targeting the same position early as well. If you do miss getting two elite QB’s right off the bat, try and focus on a quarterback you think could be on the verge of a breakout like Josh Allen was in 2020. Take a risk. Don’t be afraid to take said player a little earlier than their ADP suggests. Josh Allen’s ADP last year in startups was anywhere in the 3/4th round. This year he’s going in the top five overall. Dynasty comes at you fast.

The drop back

If I can receive a rookie pick by moving back a few spots at any point, sign me up. Have a tier of players in your head. If you can still get one of those players and get a rookie pick or another startup pick on top of that by moving down a little, it’s all gravy.

I’m the guy who never trades his rookie picks in a startup. Trust yourself to draft a team good enough to compete right away while maintaining all of your picks, plus.

Adapt and adjust

It’s never going to go exactly how you want things to go. You have to be willing and able to make adjustments on the fly in a startup. Don’t panic if your plan is in shambles quickly—zig when others zag. If you see a run at a position, maybe that means that there are still elite-level players left at another position. Go in that direction.

Take advantage of rookie fever

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We all struggle with roster construction and constantly worry about how we are filling out each position when starting a new team. Keep a mindful eye on your team needs, but I like to pound the best player available at all times. Don’t pass up on a top 20 WR with high upside because you need a middling RB or haven’t drafted a TE yet. Chances are you already missed the best TEs and all of the elite RB’s. Draft the best player available and worry about team needs later. You can always trade for need.

Take ceiling shots

When it starts to get later on in startups, shoot for the stars. Take a top Handcuff RB who could be one play away from a huge impact for your team. Take a chance on players with talent who have high upside. The reward far outweighs the minimal risk involved. Don’t be afraid to take chances.


Each startup is different. Be flexible and willing to switch directions up at any minute. There’s no one particular strategy that works the best. Plenty of people are successful doing things in a completely different manner than what I’ve suggested. These are only just tips and ideas. At the end of the day, it’s your team. Have fun with it. That’s what makes dynasty so great. You are the general manager.

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