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Superflex Rookie Draft Strategy: What to do With The 1.01

Today @SteveBradshawFF breaks down what you should be doing if you have the 1.01 in your rookie draft

With the conclusion of the NFL Draft, it’s time to finalize your strategy for your Dynasty Rookie Drafts. If you were lucky enough to win the Bijan Robinson sweepstakes, you need to make sure you handle the 1.01 with care.

If you finished last place in your league, the most detrimental thing you can do is screw up your rookie draft. Robinson is the clear-cut pick at the 1.01. But what’s unclear is if your team is ready to take him.

Trade Down From the 1.01

The first option in having the 1.01 is relatively simple. Just trade down and gain a ton of value. Robinson is already the consensus RB1 in dynasty. This gives him a value of roughly three first-round picks. He is commonly going in the first round of startup drafts.

You should be looking to trade down if your team finished last in the league. It’s possible you could have a ton of injured and suspended players who will come back next year. Then this doesn’t accurately reflect your roster. However, this is not the case for most dynasty teams.

Most rosters came in last place because their team was not good after selling most of their players for draft picks. If you can get three assets worth a first-round pick, I would trade the 1.01. In most scenarios, your team is more than one player away from winning a championship. Therefore, it would be much more beneficial to roster three good assets instead of one elite player. 

On top of this, running back is the last position you should build around. If you fit this mold, your team will be much better off with you trading the pick rather than making it. 

Pick Bijan Robinson

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s only one option if you’re picking at the 1.01. Robinson is now the dynasty RB1 after going eighth overall to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL Draft. This now makes Robinson one of the best assets in the dynasty. The situation where you should be taking Robinson at the 1.01 is if you’re a team that is ready to compete or if you own someone else’s pick.

When making a dynasty championship run, the last position you should fill out is running back. This is because they have the lowest career span and are prone to injury. On the other hand, having an elite running back is one of the most critical factors in winning a fantasy football championship.

Whether you decided to trade for the 1.01 or just happened to luck into this pick, Robinson will propel your team to new heights. If you already have a great team and can afford to give up extra assets, I love the idea of trading for Robinson. 

Not only are you getting a running back who is a top-12 pick in Redraft that can help you win now, but you’re also getting a player who can be productive for seven plus more years. So even though taking Robinson is the most exciting option, if your team isn’t ready to win soon, you’re better off trading him.

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