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That’s Going to Leave a Mark – Week 15 Injury Report

Week 1 of the Fantasy Playoffs in the books. @JohnnyBGoodeDFF looks at the injuries sustained during Week 15 and gives his best insight on what you can expect Week 16 and beyond!

Trevor Lawrence – Concussion, Week to Week

Lawrence reported delayed onset of symptoms following Week 15, which doesn’t bode well for his availability in Week 16. Monitor his progress carefully throughout the week, and have a “Plan B” ready.

Will Levis – High Ankle Sprain, 2-3 Weeks

The fact that Levis generally does not rely on his mobility bodes well for his return within 2023. With an uncertain offseason looming, Levis may be motivated to return before the end of the season to make an even better case for the Titans to stick with him for 2024.

Zach Wilson – Concussion, Week to Week

At this point, does anyone want to play quarterback for the Jets? Aaron Rodgers should remain on the sideline as he is likely to get reinjured should he come back at all for 2023. Wilson enters the concussion protocol, but if you were relying on him, you’re unlikely to be concerned about his availability, and we already know his fate for 2024.

Keaton Mitchell – ACL Tear, Season Ending + Time Into 2024

While we’ve seen some athletes return from ACL within eight or nine months, ten months is the widely accepted time frame for return to sport without significant production loss and/or risk to the ACL graft. Mitchell is projected to return sometime around Halloween in 2024. What the backfield looks like at that point will be a mystery, but it’s possible Mitchell’s 2024 is a wash, and then he’s a forgotten name after that. Unfortunate, as he has been a spark for the Ravens offense.

Zach Moss – Shoulder Sprain, Week to Week

Moss left after injuring the same arm he broke earlier in the season. He appears to have avoided serious injury and will attempt to suit up this week. This is also the week Jonathan Taylor plans to return to practice and projects to play.

Marquise Brown – Heel, 1-2 Weeks

Brown hasn’t recorded a catch since Week 12 and has been battling this heel injury. It’s possible the Cardinals shut him down completely, but for now, the reports are that they do not wish to put him on IR. With a history of foot injuries, I wonder, “Why?!” But I’m not paid the big bucks to make those decisions. If he happens to suit up, I would leave Brown on your bench for the rest of this season.

Ja’Marr Chase – Shoulder Sprain, 1-2 Weeks

Suffering from an AC separation, Chase is expected to miss at least Week 16. Consider him Questionable for Week 17. It’s very possible the Bengals realize trotting Chase out, banged up, is not in their best interest long-term and may shut him down.

Michael Pittman Jr. – Concussion, Week to Week

The one good news with Pittman’s concussion is that it occurred on Saturday, so he has an extra day to progress through the concussion protocol. This extra day is extremely significant as the concussion protocol is difficult to progress through from Monday to Sunday morning. Keep an eye on Friday and Saturday practice reports.

Jayden Reed – Possible Turf Toe, Week to Week vs 2-3 Weeks

The exact severity of the injury is unknown at the moment of writing this. If this turns out to be turf toe, you can expect Reed to be done for the regular season. If only a sprain, he could suit up for Week 16. Pay attention to Wednesday and Thursday’s practice report to gauge what to do with this budding wide receiver.

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