That’s Going to Leave a Mark – Week 2 Injury Report

Trey Lance was the big injury last week, but check out who else sustained injury and what does it mean for your fantasy team? @ffjohnnybgoode assesses the damage

Justin Herbert, Fractured Rib Cartilage- Week to Week

Rib injuries, especially cartilage injuries, are very painful and can take a long time to heal. However, this is a classic “pain tolerance” issue for Herbert going forward. I would fully expect him to try and play through this injury with extra padding to the area. This may limit is rushing upside for the next month or so.

Trey Lance, Fibula Fracture & Ankle Dislocation- Season Ending

Lance had two surgical procedures to repair his injury. One to repair the fracture and a second to repair ligament disruption. This is very similar to the type of injury that Dak Prescott suffered, so we can expect a similar timetable for his return. One of the upsides for Lance was his rushing ability gave him a potential high floor. This injury may affect his rushing ability, or confidence in rushing in 2023 and maybe beyond. There is also the issue of what San Francisco does at quarterback next season, not truly knowing what they have yet in Lance.

James Conner, Ankle Sprain- Week to Week

James Conner reportedly suffered a run-of-the-mill ankle sprain during Week 2. He may be back for Week 3. If he misses time, I would not expect it to be more than a week.

Tyrion Davis-Price, High Ankle Sprain- 4-6 Weeks

The history of athletes who suffer high ankle sprains, and then come back during the season, is not favorable. High ankle sprains are incredibly painful and require a significant amount of rest time. Expect him to miss about 4 to 6 weeks as he recovers from this injury.

Jerry Jeudy, Chest Injury- Week to Week

This looked a lot worse than it ended up to be. Jeudy escaped with what is described as a chest/sternum injury. Similar to Herbert, this is very much a pain tolerance issue. I would fully expect Jeudy to be out there Week 3.

Hunter Renfrow, Concussion- Week to Week

Concussions typically resolve fairly quickly, so the chances of Renfrow being active Week 3 are favorable. A small percentage of concussion injuries take longer for symptoms to subside, so if he were to miss this week then I would start to get concerned about any long term issues that could limit him going forward.

Dalton Schultz, PCL Sprain- 2-4 weeks

Missed time for PCL injuries are hard to project. This largely depends on the grade of the tear. If this is a Grade I, I would expect about a 3 week return timeline. If Grade II, that could double to 6-8 weeks. Reports are that his MRI was clean, which makes me lean more toward a Grade I. This injury is one where symptoms are likely to linger throughout the season.

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