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Top 12 Dynasty Tight End Tiers

The dynasty offseason is in full swing, and It's time to analyze who the top players at each position are. @SteveBradshawFF considers a multitude of factors to provide the most accurate tier list of the tight-end landscape.

Dynasty rankings are incredibly challenging to make, especially at the tight-end position. This is because not everyone has the same roster construction, making certain tight ends more valuable than others. In addition, the tight end is one of the most volatile positions in fantasy football and is extremely difficult to invest in. That said, it’s also one of the most challenging positions to trade for, so if you hit on your tight end, you’re in an excellent position for the future. This list below considers all of these factors to provide the most accurate tier list of the current tight-end landscape.

TE Rankings (PPR)

S Tier

1. Kyle Pitts

While Pitts was the consensus number one tight end last season, a 7.6 PPG season and MCL injury have dropped his value significantly. Pitts didn’t have a good season, but remember that this offense was among the worst in the league. It was evident early in the year that the Falcons staff failed in utilizing Pitts, and part of this was because Marcus Mariota was incapable of getting him the ball. The Falcons had the second-worst passing volume in the league at 158.8 passing yards per game, making it impossible for Pitts to produce.

People quickly forget Pitts is only 22 and already was ahead of schedule in terms of tight-end devolvement. In his rookie year, Pitts had a 1,000-yard season which Mike Ditka has only matched.

Pitts is an athletic freak standing at 6’6″ to pair with a 4.4-40 time and the longest wingspan of any wide receiver or tight end in the last 20 years. Pitts is a phenomenal talent that needs a good situation and time to develop. Due to his age and incredible talent, Pitts deserves this TE1 ranking.

2. Mark Andrews

At the TE2, I have another player coming off a down year, averaging only 12.7 PPG compared to his 17.7 PPG 2021 season, Andrews. Even so, Andrews is only 27, which is why he’s ranked above Travis Kelce. The tight end position is highly volatile, but Andrews has consistently averaged 12.6 PPG over his career. On top of this, he provides excellent upside, as shown in his 2021 season.

So far in his career, Andrews has thrived with Lamar Jackson, and while things look rough, I don’t see the Ravens letting him walk. One of the reasons Andrew’s numbers dipped was because of this horrible Ravens offense when Jackson was injured. Andrews is the only tight end with this combination of consistency and youth. I expect Andrews to be a top-tier tight end for years to come.

3. Travis Kelce

At the tight end position, it’s hard to find anyone more dominant than Kelce. Over the past five years, Kelce has been phenomenal, averaging 18.04 PPG. This past season Kelce provided owners with the biggest positional advantage as he scored 94 more points than the TE2 TJ Hockenson.

Kelce isn’t ranked higher because he’s already 33 years old. Kelce is a generational-level tight end, but he’ll only play for one or two more years. Even with that in mind, Kelce will likely finish as the TE1 by a large margin next season.

Having a positional advantage like this for the next few years is worthy of the number three spot. Kelce is a phenomenal player in one of the best offenses in the NFL. It’s hard to imagine he won’t be near the TE1 spot until he retires.

4. TJ Hockenson

One of the biggest breakouts this year was Hockenson, especially after being traded to the Vikings. Hockenson is on the path to becoming an elite tight end, as he was the eighth overall pick and is just about to hit the historical breakout age. Coming out of college, Hockenson was a phenomenal prospect and had just been getting better year after year.

At only 25, Hockenson is one of a few players with this elite combination of talent and youth. The Vikings’ offense is fantastic, as they have a ton of passing volume and will provide Hockenson with tremendous touchdown upside. While many have concerns about his volume, Hockenson averaged 9.4 targets in weeks 9-17 and looked like the Vikings’ number two option. So far, Hockenson is living up to his potential and only seems to be getting better.

A Tier

5. Pat Freiermuth

Freiermuth is the youngest tight end in this tier at 24 and has been consistent in his first two NFL seasons averaging 9.4 PPG. With Freiermuth, I like the second-round draft capital and the fact that he has been able to get involved in this offense early on. Freiermuth was significantly involved in his second year, drawing 98 targets. Unfortunately, Kenny Pickett had a less-than-stellar rookie season which limited Freiermuth’s upside on a PPG basis.

This type of volume paired with second-round draft capital is a fantastic combination. I expect this Steelers offense to improve with Pickett going into his second year. Even with Diontae Johnson and George Pickens, this offense had a lot of passing volume, with 571 pass attempts in 2022. Not only is the volume there, but Pickett will improve over time, which will help Freiermuth in the future.

6. Dallas Goedert

Our next player is a relatively young tight end, who has consistently produced throughout their career, Goedert. He is in a fantastic Eagles offense and has shown he is a focal point despite the talent around him and the rushing ability of Jalen Hurts. So far in his career, Goedert has been a staple of consistency, averaging 10.75 PPG since 2019.

Even with AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith in this offense, Hurts has targeted Goedert 75 and 69 times in the past two seasons. Goedert may not be a player that will break fantasy football, but he’s very consistent and only 28 years old.

7. George Kittle 

Rounding out this tier, I have Kittle, who was an S Tier tight end earlier in his career. However, he is now 29, and his production has decreased yearly since 2018. Despite a 13.4 PPG season, Kittle has suffered several injuries and hasn’t produced at the same level as earlier in his NFL career.

Part of this is because there is a lot of target competition surrounding Kittle with Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and Christian McCaffrey. While this puts Kittle in a great offense, this is a run-first team. They have to compete with many talented players while on a run-first team is a massive red flag. Kittle still has an extremely high upside and is a great player, but things will only get worse from here.

B Tier

8. Dalton Schultz

In our last tier, we have five very similar players. These players are all relatively young with excellent upside. At number eight is Schultz, who has scored 12.3 and 9.5 PPG in his past two seasons. This Cowboys offense is good, has a ton of passing volume, and gets Schultz involved.

Over the past two seasons, Schultz has been a focal point racking up 104 and 89 targets. Conversely, in terms of production, Schultz didn’t look great this past season and finished with a decrease in all his statistics. On top of this, Schultz isn’t under contract next year, so there is a good chance he won’t be with the Cowboys. On the other hand, if Schultz comes back or signs a big contract, he’ll have a ton of upside.

9. David Njoku

Njoku is a player who finally broke out this year at age 26. Even though he wasn’t an elite-level player, he had a very good season with 10.1 PPG. Njoku looked good in this subpar Browns offense and was the team’s number two target.

This next year I expect Deshaun Watson to be much better after he’s had some time to settle in. If Watson can return to this top-five quarterback play, Njoku will be a major beneficiary. This offense will dramatically improve, giving Njoku more volume and much more touchdown upside.

With the Browns giving Watson the most guaranteed money in NFL history, they’re going to throw the ball a ton. This benefits Njoku as if this happens, his targets will increase, leading to even more improvement.

10. Cole Kmet

With Kmet, I love the player, but his situation is gross. Kmet is a 23-year-old tight end with second-round draft capital, the type of profile you love. This past year, he wasn’t great by any standards but averaged 8.7 PPG in an offense with the least passing volume in the NFL. Justin Fields was not very good as a passer this year but looked to get some much-needed help and take the next step this upcoming season.

It’s unlikely that this offense will become elite, but with the draft capital and cap space the Bears have, I see this offense progressing toward the mean in terms of pass attempts. As Kmet only gets more experienced and his situation improves, I see his value increasing steadily to the point where he’s a low to mid-tight-end TE1 in the future.

11. Dawson Knox

Knox struggled with consistency but had a solid year, averaging 9 PPG. On the other hand, he has incredible upside due to his elite quarterback play in Josh Allen to go along with a ton of passing volume. Knox is the number three option which is very valuable on such a high-powered offense. 

Even though Knox is a rather big boom-or-bust player, he’s a guy you’re more than happy with as a low TE1. On the contrary, Knox is somewhat touchdown dependent, but he’s in an offense that gives him an incredible amount of upside.

Knox isn’t a top-tier player flooded with a ton of volume, but he can still produce due to this high-powered Bills offense and their excellent touchdown upside. Knox may not be the most consistent player, but the upside he provides warrants him the TE11 spot.

12. Evan Engram

The biggest surprise at the tight end position was Evan Engram finishing at the TE5 on a PPG basis with 10.4 this past year. Engram is 28 but had a fantastic prospect profile coming out of college, as he was drafted with the 23rd overall pick. He is a great talent; however, his situation won’t look as good as this next season.

Trevor Lawrence looked terrific and will provide this team with a ton of passing volume; Engram has a ton of target competition. As the tight end, Engram will be fighting for targets with Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, Travis Etienne, and Zay Jones. Engram can have a solid season, but it’s hard to imagine him even coming close to his 2022 season. He has fantastic upside weekly due to his talent and this Jaguars’ offense.

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