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Top 3 Dynasty Wide Receiver Sells

In dynasty fantasy football, it is crucial to know when to move on and off players. In this article, @Jsnake_DFF will talk about his top 3 Wide Receivers that he would move now to maximize your dynasty team value.

It is crucial to know when to move on and off players in dynasty fantasy football. This article will talk about my top three wide receivers that I would move now to maximize your dynasty team value. All three of these players listed are people I would not mind being on my team. But I believe that moving them now will maximize value while also maintaining production for your team in 2022.

In one of my dynasty case-study articles, I talked about how I botched a start-up draft and needed to make moves. I moved my first round start-up pick in 2020 of Michael Thomas FOR Kenny Golladay, 2020 1.09, & 2020 1.10 in a 14 team SF dynasty league. I also made other trades after getting those pieces that made MT turn into:

Michael Thomas & Logan Thomas for Justin Herbert, David Montgomery, Eric Ebron, Michael Gallup, and a 2021 first!

It turned into a slam dunk looking back and very minimal loss in production over the years.

Dynasty WR Sells

Cooper Kupp

Kupp just had an elite season in 2021 with four PPG higher than any other WR. I would also say his current ADP of WR10 on DLF sounds right, but on, his WR5 ADP is too high. Also, the Rams are still in the playoffs, so if he has a huge game (which he probably will), he will be easier and easier to move. For any trade moving Kupp, I would look for a young WR like Elijah Moore or Devonta Smith plus one or two rookie picks. Again, this is not a knock on Kupp; instead, it maximizes your dynasty team’s value while also keeping production the same or slightly less.

Here are a couple of trades I would try to move Kupp:

1- Kupp for Elijah Moore, Brandin Cooks, & 2023 2nd

2- Kupp for Devonta Smith & Michael Thomas

3- Kupp for Rashod Bateman & 2022 1.04 through 1.08 draft pick

4- Kupp for Michael Pittman & 2022 1.06-1.10

5- Kupp for Zach Wilson and Thomas

Davante Adams

Credit: Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Adams is another WR that I would look to move before his value tanks (it has already begun). With his current ADP of RW6 on DLF and WR8 on KTC, he is on the cusp of being a hold or a sell. I roster Adams in one league, and I will hold onto him if I do not get an offer that respects the solid production he will bring for the next two-plus years. I would try and trade Adams during the playoffs, and if it does not happen, then wait to move him until we know the QB of the Packers (I expect Adams to be franchise tagged). If Rodgers stays, his value will maintain, but if it ends up being a QB that many people do not trust, I will hold onto Adams.

Here are a couple of trades I would try to move Adams:

1- Adams for Tee Higgins, Thomas, & late 2022 1st or early 2022 2nd

2- Adams for Elijah Moore, Juju Smith-Schuster, & 2023 1st

3- Adams for Calvin Ridley, Rashod Bateman, & mid to late 2022 1st

Reminder: BE PATIENT

Amon-Ra St. Brown

Credit: Mike Mulholland/

St. Brown had an explosive end to his 2022 season, but he is a sell for me because of the hype that is bringing his value higher than or equal to players that I would much rather bet on. For example, Batman, a late 2022 first (SF), Ridley, and Keenan Allen are all around St. Brown’s value. I also would be nervous that his production happened with no TJ Hockenson and no Swift. His production at the end of 2021 would be above his ceiling in 2022, while a mid WR3 production is what I would expect going forward.

Here are a couple of trades I would try to move St. Brown:

1- St. Brown for one of Ridley, Allen, Bateman, or late 2022 1st (SF)

2- St. Brown for Tom Brady

3- St. Brown for 2023 1st

4- St. Brown for Michael Thomas & Leonard Fournette

Final Thoughts

Listing a player as a sell does not mean sell low. Instead, as I always say, be aggressive with trade offers and feel free to wait until to season if you have to, even if you are planning on becoming a rebuilding team. Patience is the key for almost all trades unless the player’s value is about to fall off a cliff. Big Ben was an excellent example of a player who would have been a must-move at the end of the 2022 season for non-contending teams. I would have pushed for a player like Jordan Love, but I would have also taken a second-round pick anytime and potentially two third-round picks because it looked like he would retire (and he did). Happy hunting!

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