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Will Brock Purdy Put Up Purdy Numbers in Year Two?

After an amazing rookie season, can Brock Purdy stay sensational or does he fall flat? @DarthDbacks has projections for the 49ers wonder.

The miracle of Brock Purdy was amazing to watch last year. It was to root for as never before has Mr. Irrelavent become some relevant so quickly. Nor has one ever done as well as Purdy. The odds of doing what Purdy did are bewilderingly high.

That’s what was so special and sensational. No one expected him to see the field, let alone take the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship Game and start eight games. Purdy proved to the world that he should’ve been taken far higher in the NFL Draft. He also proved that he deserved the chance to be the QB1 entering this season for the 49ers now that he’s recovered from off-season elbow surgery.

2022 Season Recap

The miracle that saved the San Francisco 49ers season returns for year two fresh off elbow surgery and looking no worse for the wear. Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant last year, selected last overall in the 2022 NFL Draft. Now, he’s the QB1 for the reigning NFC West Division Champions. Life comes at you fast in the NFL, and your career can change anytime.

Purdy showcased a ton of talent and mastery of a complicated Shanahan offense late in the season last year. He didn’t rush much as he’s much more of a pocket passer, a better fit for the Shanny system. Last year, over six games, Purdy had 1,374 yards on a 67.1% completion rate with 13 touchdowns and four interceptions. He rushed 22 times for 13 yards and a touchdown. However, Purdy will excel in the system and be a fantasy QB2 force.

Purdy, when expanded to an entire season, was on pace for 37 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and 3,706 yards. Those are darn good numbers, even though the yardage should be over 4,000. Yet, that’s the 49ers’ system. Thanks to their elite defense, they don’t need a ton of yardage to dominate you.

2023 Season Projections

Should Purdy suit up for all 17 games this season, expect a high-end QB2 season from him. He’s going to be an elite game manager that will spread the ball around. That means this offense will be able to support a high-dose passing game and support numerous elite fantasy options. Purdy showed a great red-zone connection with George Kittle. Should that continue, that would mean a lot more fantasy points for your dynasty team. He also proved to be in sync with Christian McCaffrey. Thanks to his lack of rushing upside, Purdy will dump off many times to his elite running back. Once again, those are easy fantasy points to rack up the totals for both Purdy and CMC.

Brock Purdy player projections
My personal projections for Brock Purdy in 6-point touchdown passing leagues.

I have him down for 3,931 yards, 36 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 31 sacks, 180 rushing yards on 62 attempts, a rushing touchdown, and eight fumbles. That’s good for 21.3 PPG. That’s plenty good, especially for a quarterback you could get for a late first. Considering he’s only 24 and super cheap in the NFL, that’s worth paying for, especially as a contender. The 49ers would be wise to continue building around him, especially for his cheap salary cap hit.

Purdy will be a strong fantasy quarterback. So long as he starts, he should be able to put up 20 points every week, thanks to the great system the 49ers have. Plus, it doesn’t hurt how many elite skill players are there and the fact there will be a lot of instances with great field positions to start their drives.

Purdy isn’t a flashy quarterback. He isn’t going to take over games like Mahomes, Hurts, or Burrow. However, he will put the 49ers and your dynasty team in a position to win. He won’t cost you or the team games. Instead, Purdy is going to be a reliable unsexy quarterback. Sometimes, those are exactly the players you need to win championships, especially in a Superflex dynasty league. After all, he did that last year for many redraft teams and took the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game.

Long-Term Dynasty Outlook

If Purdy is truly the franchise quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, then you should buy him for a late-first-round pick right now. He’s set up to be a high-end QB2 for the next decade in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. The 49ers know how to develop quarterbacks, and just look at how good Jimmy Garappolo was when he was fully healthy in 2019.

Purdy won’t ever be a QB1 due to his lack of rushing. However, you want that steady 20+ point floor for your QB2. He won’t win you weeks, but he’ll absolutely prevent you from losing. If you need a quarterback in dynasty, I’d look at paying the late-first/early second-round pick. Purdy could be the next great quarterback to be found late in the draft.

And whether or not you believe in his talent, all that matters is that the 49ers do, and the results/stats back them up. Buy in and quit believing that Trey Lance will suddenly come back and take his job. The best-case scenario for dynasty owners is to acquire both Purdy and Lance to be protected. That’s just thinking ahead of the game and saving your team should an injury happen to Purdy.

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As always, May the Force be with You…

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