#NerdHerd Ep. 197 – 2023 Rookie Tight End Breakdowns Part 2

#NerdHerd Exclusive 🚨Part 2 of our 2023 Rookie TE Breakdowns is here!Join @DynastyRich and @DynastyMatt as they dive into:Dalton Kincaid, Luke Musgrave, Tucker Kraft, Luke Schoonmaker, Zach Kunitz & Brenton Strange

Welcome back, #NerdHerd members, to another exclusive episode of the Dynasty Nerds Podcast! Rich Dotson and Matt O’Hara continue their deep dive into the 2023 rookie tight end class, focusing on the hidden gems that could make all the difference in your dynasty fantasy football team.

In this #NerdHerd episode, we cover the following prospects:

  • Dalton Kincaid
  • Luke Musgrave
  • Tucker Kraft
  • Luke Schoonmaker
  • Zach Kunitz
  • Brenton Strange

Join us for this in-depth analysis as we help you uncover the potential impact these lesser-known tight ends can have on your roster. Remember, finding those diamonds in the rough can be the key to building a winning dynasty team!

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