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#NerdHerd Ep. 237 – 2024 Dynasty Startup Draft (SF + TEP) – Part 3

#NerdHerd Ep. 237 completes our 3-part superflex TEP startup mock draft series 👷‍♂️ Join @DynastyRich, @DynastyMatt, & @DynastyPrice for sleepers and gems 💎🎧

The climax of our Superflex tight-end premium mock draft series has arrived with #NerdHerd Episode 237, exclusively for our #NerdHerd members. Join the seasoned trio, Rich Dotson (@DynastyRich), Matt O’Hara (@DynastyMatt), and Garret Price (@DynastyPrice), as they wrap up this intricate mock draft, guiding you through the final stages of building a championship-caliber dynasty team.

🔥 Late-Round Strategy: Discover the art of late-round drafting, where the value meets opportunity. Our hosts delve into their final picks, revealing the players they believe could make a significant impact from the depths of the draft.

📊 Assessing Team Composition: Beyond individual picks, understanding how to evaluate and adjust your team composition is crucial. Learn how our experts assess their mock rosters and plan for future dominance.

🏆 Undervalued Gems: Unearth the undervalued gems that could skyrocket in value. These late-round selections are often where dynasty leagues are won and lost. Get ahead of your competition with insider knowledge on who to target.

🛠️ Building for Now vs. the Future: Balancing win-now urgency with long-term planning is a delicate art. Gain insights into how our hosts make these critical decisions, setting the foundation for sustained success.

Join us for this exclusive #NerdHerd episode, the grand finale of our mock draft series, and arm yourself with the strategies to excel in your superflex TE premium leagues.

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