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Penny Stocks: 4 Players To Stash For 2024

With the off-season at hand now is the best time to scoop up those stash players for next year. @ReflipeWThenuz brings you for upcoming free agents who could see their values rise in the upcoming free agency period.

Dynasty fantasy football is like playing the stock market. You have to know when to buy an asset and when to sell. There are few things I enjoy more than sifting through the dregs and buying penny stocks that can pay off big in the following year. Sometimes, they hit, and sometimes they flop. But when you are buying on the cheap, the juice is well worth the squeeze. This article will examine one free agent at each position to stash for the upcoming 2024 season. Each of these players will have the opportunity to see their value rise or tank, depending on how free agency plays out. Without further ado, let’s examine some players to stash for your 2024 dynasty squads before it’s too late.

QB: Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew is an interesting stash player for 2024. The current Colts starter signed a 1-year deal to join his former offensive coordinator from his time with the Eagles to provide a bridge option in Indianapolis. Little did he know that Anthony Richardson would miss the majority of the year, and he would get nearly an entire year of playing time to put on film. While Minshew is certainly not going to break any records, he has played well enough to have the Colts squarely in the playoff mix. You can see his numbers below. 

Minshew has kept the Colts in the race while providing a low-end QB2 for your lineups. He has made some big plays along the way. He possesses adequate arm strength and underrated mobility to help him escape the pocket and make plays on the run. Minshew will surely garner some interest as a bridge quarterback for one of the many teams looking for a new signal caller heading into 2024.

The best part about Minshew, as with every player on this list, is the price. When searching the Dynasty Nerds trade browser, you will find the Colts signal caller going for peanuts. You can find multiple trades where he goes for a third-round pick or less. Sign me up for that gamble every day. If I miss? Oh well, what is a third-round pick worth anyway?

RB: D’Onta Foreman

D’Onta Foreman is one of my favorite stash players for the running back position. Over the last three seasons, the former University of Texas star has found himself in a meaningful role on teams dealing with injuries at the running back position. Every time, he has succeeded and paid off for his NFL team and fantasy managers in spades. People tend to forget Foreman had a 2,000-yard rushing season in college before an Achilles injury stunted a promising opportunity in Houston all those years ago. After a lengthy absence from the spotlight, Foreman reminded the NFL who he was with runs like these.

Foreman will surely find a new home during the offseason. During the games, when the Bears treated him as a featured rusher, he was a bruising, hard-nosed runner with an eye for the endzone and surprisingly soft hands.

Just like Minshew above, Foreman comes at a very affordable price. When searching the Dynasty Nerds trade browser in our amazing GM tool, you will find him going for as little as a late draft pick. At prices like that, sign me up for the chance he lands a committee role or more on his next team.

WR: Darnell Mooney

Darnell Mooney is an intriguing player in the upcoming free-agent market. The former Tulane star has enjoyed an interesting career. He was dynamic in his second year, which ended in his first and only 1,000-yard season. During his third year in Chicago, he dealt with some injuries that cut into his playing time and stats. Then, ahead of this season, the Bears traded for DJ Moore, and Mooney became an afterthought in the passing game. He has failed to rekindle the chemistry he had with Justin Fields in the past and is now set to enter free agency on the heels of a couple of disappointing seasons. You can see his career stats below.

In a free-agent class that currently has some big names, it will be interesting to see how many of his potential peers make it to the open market. The Bears seem destined to add a top-level receiver in the upcoming draft and will likely pass on paying their former 1,000-yard receiver. However, several teams could use a player like Mooney. The Falcons, Patriots, and Chargers come to mind. A player with a track record of making plays like the ones below will surely find some interest on the open market.

As with many things, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Mooney could make for an excellent rebound player in the right situation. He will provide some big play potential at a relatively decent price for an NFL team and your dynasty squads. Combing through the Dynasty Nerds trade browser, you will find Mooney going for as little as a fourth-round pick. At that price, give me every share I have room for. You will be hard-pressed to find a rookie in the fourth round of your rookie draft who will offer more upside and potential than the speedy Darnell Mooney.

Noah Fant

Of all the players on this list, Noah Fant is my favorite. The former first-round pick has been one of my favorite tight ends going back to his days as a Hawkeye. Few players at his position offer the raw athletic upside of Fant. You can see what his combine numbers were below.

Fant is both big and extremely fast for a player in his position. During his first three years in the NFL with Denver, Fant showed continued growth, improving his numbers every season. He was a TE1 in two of those three seasons. Then, he was traded to Seattle as part of the Russell Wilson deal. Since then, Fant has been relegated to a much less fantasy-friendly role. Free agency will allow Fant to find a home where he can use his immense abilities. Let us not forget that he and TJ Hockenson were once considered equal prospects. If he finds his way to a team like the Chargers or Commanders, he would immediately become relevant again.

While his time in Seattle has been bad for Fant’s receiving numbers, it has made him extremely affordable in dynasty. While searching through the Dynasty Nerds trade browser, I have seen the former first-round pick going for as little as a fourth or fifth-round pick. I just took over an orphan in a Superflex league and scooped him up on waivers. At prices like that, sign me up. He can only improve his situation in free agency. Fant should have a nice market for teams looking for an athletic tight end who can block and make explosive plays in the receiving game.

Final Thoughts

In dynasty fantasy football, like most aspects of life, timing is everything. Nothing is better than buying low on a player before his value increases. This is one of the many ways to build a championship team. These are a few players with an excellent chance to see a rise in value next season, depending on how free agency and the draft play out. There are many other players out there in similar situations. Stick to your convictions as an owner. If you like a player or believe his situation will improve, get your guy. Not all these players will pan out, but they are worth the gamble at their current price. The offseason is the most important time of the year when it comes to crafting dynasty winners. But then again, you already knew that because you are here at Until next time, happy scouting and drafting season.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m not sure that this guy qualifies as a stash because he was a rookie this year and should already be stashed on everyone’s taxi. My question is… how in the world do you guys not have Michael Wilson in your rankings?? You didn’t have him in your rookie rankings last year coming into the season, and you still don’t have him in your updated rankings. I’m not even going to mention some of the names that you do have ranked above him, and no I’m not an Arizona fan. I’ve played fantasy football for 20 years now and dynasty for the last 15 years. I have been a long time NerdHerd member and have listened to Rich and Matt’s podcast religiously for years. It’s disappointing to say the least, and I’m seriously considering canceling my membership because of this. Running a dynasty site and being biased is not good for business.

    1. He is a awesome stash. My premise with this article was to highlight some cheap upcoming free agents who could boost their values. But absolutely McLaughlin is a baller.

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