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That’s Going to Leave a Mark – Week 2 Injury Report

Nick Chubb is the most notable injury from Week 2. @JohnnyBGoodeDFF takes a look at the long term impact as well as other injuries from Week 2

The injury bug strikes with a vengance in Week 2. Here is the aftermath:

Joe Burrow- Re-aggravation of Calf Strain, Week to Week

This is the same injury that Joe Burrow battled all preseason. This situation is a classic example of how these can linger and later rear their ugly heads again. This impacts Burrow’s ability to move within the pocket. This likely leads to fewer rushing yards for Burrow, but more importantly, teams may be more willing to rush the passer, forcing Burrow into some shorter route targets/dump-offs. This is likely to linger for another four weeks or so. This is a big hit to all Bengal offensive players except maybe Joe Mixon, who may benefit from some of the short targets that could be available.

Anthony Richardson- Concussion, 1-2 Weeks

Richardson just can’t catch a break. In Week 1, it’s a bone bruise; in Week 2, it’s a concussion. This is bound to happen to mobile QBs who run the ball more. I expect the Colts to play it safe with their new franchise QB and sit him rather than try to rush him back. They have a capable backup in Gardner Minshew but need Richardson to be 100%.

Saquon Barkley- Ankle Sprain, 1-2 Weeks

Most of X, formerly known as Twitter, was speculating on a high ankle sprain. The play in question is often associated with high ankle sprains, but the fact that Barkley was taping up and wanted to go back in was indicative to me that this was less severe. MRI confirmed this as a “run of the mill” ankle sprain, which can take up to three weeks to return. There is a high incidence of re-injury if he comes back too quickly, so I would expect Barkley and the Giants to play this safe. However, there are reports the Giants are considering playing him in Week 3. I don’t buy it but watch the practice report closely.

Nick Chubb- Knee Dislocation + Ligamentous Injury, Out for the Season

Chubb was one of my favorite players in the NFL because of the adversity he overcame after dislocating his knee and tearing three ligaments in his knee in college. That he came back and dominated in the NFL speaks volumes to his work ethic. While, as a healthcare provider, the mechanisms of injury are interesting for me to watch, I was deeply saddened that this was happening to a professional athlete, especially Nick Chubb.

Chubb is in the sunset years of his career in the NFL. This is almost the exact same injury he suffered in college. I felt it looked worse than his college injury. There was concern for possible arterial and/or nerve involvement. All of these things considered, if anyone can come back from this, it’s an athlete who already did it once. The question for me is how he looks when he comes back. This may be the last time fantasy managers started Chubb in their fantasy lineups with confidence. What’s more important is that Chubb can negate any long-term effects this injury may have on him for life after football.

Chase Edmonds- MCL Sprain, 4-6 Weeks

A Grade II sprain typically means there was low-grade tearing involved in the ligament. I expect Edmonds to be added to short-term IR and return in about four weeks. When he returns, he’s unlikely to have a significant fantasy impact unless injury occurs to those in front of him.

David Montgomery- Quadriceps Injury, 1-2 Weeks

Montgomery commented that this injury would take a couple of weeks to heal. I expect him to be out for Week 3 and 50/50 to play Week 4. This is unlikely to impact him long-term unless he suffers a setback while recovering.

Jamaal Williams- Hamstring Strain, 2-3 Weeks

Williams is expected to “miss some time,” per Schefter. Expect him to settle in behind Kamara when he returns. There is a high likelihood of re-injury following immediate return, so expect the Saints to treat Williams with some training wheels in the early stages of his return.

Brandon Aiyuk- Possible AC Sprain vs Stinger, Week to Week

This diagnosis isn’t confirmed, but how Aiyuk landed on his shoulder was indicative of an AC joint sprain. If the 49ers did not have a quick Thursday night game, I’d say Aiyuk’s chances of suiting up were fairly good. That said, I do not expect him to be active in Week 3, but ready to go in Week 4.

Davante Adams/Jaylen Waddle/Logan Thomas- Concussion, Week to Week

All 3 of these players land in the concussion protocol, so their return to the field is largely determined by how quickly their symptoms resolve. Check participation on Friday to get a good idea of who may be ready to go.

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