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2024 1QB Rookie Mock Draft 5.0: Pre NFL Draft – Round 1

The @DynastyNerds team is here with Round 1 of Mock Draft 5.0, 1QB version.

We wrapped up the three-round Superflex draft and are on to the 1QB version. There is a clear top 8 in Superflex, but in 1QB, the tier break is at 1.05. The real question is, will the running backs jump over the second tier of wide receivers? 

Speaking of drafts, the Dynasty Nerds team is back with 1QB Rookie Mock 4.0.

1QB Rookie Mock Draft 5.0 – Round 1

1.01 Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, 6’3″ 202lbs


Don’t fall into the prospect fatigue trap. Marvin Harrison Jr. is the 1.01 in 1QB no matter his landing spot, nor anyone else’s. Harrison is the perfect wide receiver prospect, like someone built from a lab. He has every tool in the tool bag. The only variable is the identity of his quarterback, but that will be settled very quickly on Thursday night.


1.02 Rome Odunze, WR, 6’3″ 212lbs


Rome Odunze and Malik Nabers are in a tier of their own behind Marvin Harrison and after the draft my choice may be different, but pre-draft there are a few reasons I lean Odunze. He has an impeccable route tree, reliable hands, and a prototypical X receiver build. Most recently he has been a high ADoT/Low Slot rate player with an elite contested catch rate. Teams will see him as a true X whereas Nabers may be seen as more of a Slot/Z which doesn’t have quite the same ceiling for fantasy.


1.03 Malik Nabers, WR, 6’0″ 200lbs


After Marvin Harrison Jr, picks 1.02 and 1.03 are really about preference at this point. Landing spot may iron some of that out, but you can’t be unhappy with pick 1.03 this year. Malik Nabers is the absolute complete package of size, speed, burst, acceleration, and hands. He had a diverse route tree where he can burn you on short or intermediate routes but can also go deep. Nabers has potential to be an absolute stud for the next several years.


1.04 Brock Bowers, TE, 6’4″ 243lbs


At the 1.04, why not take one player who can be a different maker at the tight end? Brock Bowers has the tools to be an elite tight end at the next level. He has the speed and ball skills to be a mismatch all over the field. Bowers was able to break out at a young age and be the leading target for all three years in Georgia. He is worth the risk of taking him over any of the quarterbacks due to the position of the tight end. He also is worth it over the second-tier receivers in this class, as he is on par or better as a pass catcher.


1.05 Caleb Williams, QB, 6’1″ 214lbs


Near the middle of the first round, the first quarterback comes off the board. Caleb Williams is locked into the top spot in the NFL Draft and is entering the league with a fantastic supporting cast. Don’t overthink this.


1.06 Brian Thomas Jr., WR, 6’3″ 209lbs


A big, fast receiver with the ability to separate with speed on deep routes and quickness in the short area, Brian Thomas Jr. exploded after two mediocre seasons to finish his career with a 17-touchdown season. Thomas will settle into a deep-threat role early but will need to continue to develop at the NFL level to become an elite fantasy asset.


1.07 Xavier Worthy, WR, 5’11” 165lbs


Worthy’s value is now due to the freakish combine, breaking the all-time 40 record. He’s going to get the draft capital and should be a deep threat for many years. I still worry about drops and how developed his overall game is, but still, Xavier Worthy is going to hear his name called very early.


1.08 Troy Franklin, WR, 6’2″ 176lbs


Franklin’s elite long speed and athleticism makes him a tip end product in this year’s wide receiver class. On film, he does a lot of things well, but not a lot at an elite level. With a weak running back class this year, I expect Troy Franklin to be a top-10 draft pick in most 1QB leagues. His landing spot and draft capital will be key for his evaluation. If he ends up being drafted at the end of the first round in the NFL draft, that could e enough to move him up even higher in your rookie drafts.


1.09 Trey Benson, RB, 6’0″ 216lbs


This feels like the right spot to break the seal on the running back class. Trey Benson is one of the top candidates to be the first running back taken in the draft. He has a 3-down skill set and could potentially be a RB1 from the jump. I was strongly considering Brooks at this spot, but Benson’s health was enough to squeeze ahead.


1.10 Jonathon Brooks, RB, 6’0″ 216lbs


The running back position has established a clear top four. Many mocks have Jonathan Brooks going to Dallas, which would likely put him at RB1 in this class. To be fair, any of the top-four backs landing in Dallas will have a positive impact on their ranking. Brooks had just 51 carries in his first two seasons, but as a junior, he put up 1179 yards and 10 touchdowns in ten games before a season-ending injury. Brooks should be good to go for the start of the 2024 season. 


1.11 Jayden Daniels, QB, 6’4″ 210lbs


Jayden Daniels is the perfect rookie quarterback to take in a 1QB league. The potential of his rushing upside warrants his selection before getting to the second and third tier of position players. You’ll likely be putting him into your starting lineup long before many of the other names on this list.


1.12 Adonai Mitchell, WR, 6’2″ 205lbs


Mitchell flashed some at Georgia before putting up elite numbers in his final year at Texas. His 12 Touchdowns combined with his 4.34 40 tell a story of a potential future WR1. Landing spots will matter but I think this is actually a thin wide receiver draft and I follow the strategy of buying wide receivers early because of their comparable longevity to running backs. Adonai Mitchell is the fourth best wide receiver in this class in my opinion and should be an immediate starter.

Ryan Wilhelm

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