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Attack the 2024 Rookie Draft: 2.04

Bobby Bishop (@imbobbybish) examines the 2.04 pick in 2024 Rookie Drafts. This pick is a difficult one (in the middle of a tier), but Bobby makes the case for why Xavier Legette should be the pick at 2.04.

In this series for the Dynasty Nerds, the staff will take a rookie draft pick-by-pick and evaluate who they would select. Each pick will take into account other players on the board, how the team build can affect the pick and possibly change the pick, and also the trade value of the pick.

We are operating under the assumption that the league is a SuperFlex league with a tight end-premium scoring format.

Attack the Draft Recap

2.04 is still a very valuable pick. Just to quickly recap the Attack the Draft Series so far, Dynasty Nerds contributors have mocked the first round as Caleb Williams (1.01), Marvin Harrison Jr. (1.02), Jayden Daniels (1.03), Malik Nabers (1.04), J.J. McCarthy (1.05), Brock Bowers (1.06), Rome Odunze (1.07), Drake Maye (1.08), Brian Thomas Jr. (1.09), Xavier Worthy (1.10), Jonathon Brooks (1.11), and Trey Benson (1.12). In the second round, they have mocked Ladd McConkey (2.01), Bo Nix (2.02), and Michael Penix (2.03).

The 2.04

Many options remain on the board, but I am going to select Xavier Legette from the Carolina Panthers. He is extremely athletic and exceptionally strong at the catch point. Legette is a hard worker, and I trust his work ethic will help him to overcome his weaknesses. His biggest weakness is his lack of smoothness and nuance in his release and route running. Fortunately, he landed with the Carolina Panthers, where both Diontae Johnson and Adam Thielen are very capable of teaching Legette some of their route running skills. I know Legette will put in the effort to improve in that area.

I also love his landing spot and draft capital. While Bryce Young may have struggled as a rookie, his receiving core was the worst in the league. Legette comes in and is immediately a field stretcher and the second option (after Johnson) in this offense. His first-round draft capital was also ideal. Many analysts had Legette in this range, but it still shows a significant commitment for the Panthers to trade up into the first round to select Legette and ensure that they have his Fifth-Year Option. I think Legette will help bring out the best in Young and vice versa.

Who Else Should You Consider?

The 2.04 basically lies within the middle of the 2.01 through 2.07 tier, the way I see it. In my eyes, Trey Benson, Bo Nix, Michael Penix, Xavier Legette, Ricky Pearsall, Keon Coleman, and Adonai Mitchell are going to go in that range consistently. With Benson, Nix, and Penix off the board in this exercise, a group of wide receivers remained. Legette, Pearsall, Coleman, and Mitchell are going to be difficult to decide between for dynasty managers.

There are many categories to look at, but I’m looking at draft capital, Nerd Score, QB talent, WR room competition, RAS, and separation/route running. The draft capital separating these players is minimal, but based on draft capital, the order is Pearsall, Legette, Coleman, and then Mitchell. Dynasty Nerds’ Nerd Score ranks them as Mitchell, Legette, Pearsall, and then Coleman. I would rank their new QB’s talent as Coleman, Mitchell, Pearsall, and then Legette.

As far as the wide receiver rooms go, I would rank Coleman first because the Bills’ room is the least talented (this could change if you put Kincaid as a receiver). Legette is next. Mitchell would be third. Finally, the 49ers’ loaded receiver room puts Pearsall last.

The relative athletic scores showcase that all four are elite athletes. RAS rankings have them in this order: Mitchell (9.99), Pearsall (9.91), Legette (9.88), and Coleman (8.19). I think it’s important to note that Pearsall is the only one of the four who opted into agility testing, where he performed well. Finally, as far as route running and separation go, I would rank them as Pearsall, Mitchell, Legette, and then Coleman.

All in all, these four are very close and challenging to evaluate. All four could be excellent pros, but it is hard to distinguish who will be successful and who will bust.

Should You Trade the 2.04?

I would consider trading the 2.04, but not until I am actually on the clock. That way, you can see if your leaguemates allow Penix, Benson, Thomas, or another first-round talent to fall to you.

I am willing to trade back from this pick to 2.07 if I can get something significant on top. Do not trade back farther than 2.07 because unless someone reaches, there is a tier drop after that pick.

I would not be willing to trade this pick for a veteran. The odds are the veteran you could acquire for this pick would not be worth the value. All the guys I’ve listed and considered are worth a first most years. I would give up 2025 first to move back into this range and get an extra one of these guys. I don’t want to trade a pick in this range for a veteran. These players are too valuable, and you won’t get that type of value trading away a second-round pick.

Final Word

This pick is all about picking your flavor. I feel very comfortable with Legette because I watched him a ton in college. Legette has a strong work ethic, and I know the Panthers will give him opportunities to be successful. I am not going to knock anyone for taking Mitchell, Coleman, or Pearsall over Legette. In my eyes, Legette is the pick.

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