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Devy Mock Draft

Dynasty Nerds Devy Mock Draft – January

@_jasonstein takes you through a Dynasty Nerds five-round Devy mock draft with the 2026 class included.

This is our Dynasty Nerds (#DevyNerds) January Devy mock draft. Our eighth devy mock draft in this series. Rankings and ADP will change as we work through the offseason (recruiting, coaching changes, spring games, fall camp, etc.). But doing these mocks every month will hopefully keep you up to date on the latest devy movements. Once we get a few of these in, including the 2026 class, we will include some average draft positions (ADP). Please, check out the links to our Devy spotlights brought to you by the Dynasty Nerds Devy team at the beginning of each round.

Devy Mock Format

Here is the setup. This is a Devy mock draft. The format is a twelve-team Superflex (SF), PPR & Tight-End premium (TEP) league with standard roster construction.

Devy Mock Participants & Order

The order for our mock is as follows: 1.01 @devy2dynastyfr, 1.02 @dynasty_erik, 1.03 @JaredWackerly, 1.04 @FF_Hulsey, 1.05 @JMassie23, 1.06 @CFFguys, 1.07 @ekballer, 1.08 @THEtristancook, 1.09 @Pistol_Pete026, 1.10 @YungEnNiner, 1.11 @mastapj, 1.12 @noahrwright

Round 1

Devy Mock round 1

Round 1 Dynasty Nerds Devy Spotlights: Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison Jr., Nick Singleton, TreVeyon Henderson, Brock Bowers, & Will Shipley

Per a suggestion, we have added the potential draft class to each devy player. I say potential because there is always the possibility that these college athletes stay in school longer, maybe something NIL will usher in over time, but the year indicates the first year these guys are draft eligible. 

This January devy mock starts similarly to last month’s, with Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. at the top. Most of the first round is the same as last month except for Brock Bowers and Malachi Nelson. Standout tight end Bowers has been the devy TE1 for a while now but is finally making his way into the first rounds of devy drafts, a challenging feat for devy tight ends. And Malachi Nelson is the first 2026 prospect selected. Nelson, a 5-star quarterback out of California, signed up with Lincoln Riley and USC. He’ll be the presumptive heir apparent at USC after Caleb Willimas moves on to the NFL after next season.

Round 2

Devy Mock round 2

Round 2 Dynasty Nerds Devy Spotlights: Braelon Allen, Luther Burden, Drew Allar, Evan Stewart, Donovan Edwards, & Branson Robinson

Following in the footsteps of TreVeyon Henderson & Nick Singleton, it looks like Cedric Baxter Jr might be the favorite to nab that freshman RB1 title this year. Look for him to be drafted early in devy drafts. Baxter Jr. is a 5-star recruit out of Orlando, Florida, that will look to play early in a Texas backfield that is losing two pivotal players to the NFL in Bijan Robinson and Roschon Johnson. 

In addition to Baxter Jr, Xavier Worthy and Arch Manning go in the second round, following Quinn Ewers, who was taken in the first. That makes three Texas players drafted in round two and four in the first two rounds.

Round 3

Devy Mock round 3

Round 3 Dynasty Nerds Devy Spotlights: Mario Williams.

Three more freshman quarterbacks go in round three, which adds up to five total through the first three rounds. Either this 2026 eligible class will be an all-time great quarterback class, or we may be reaching on the new devys with a bit of “freshman fever.” It’s not just freshman quarterbacks; we also saw another two 2025 eligible quarterbacks come off the board in this round in Cade Klubnik of Clemson and Devin Brown of Ohio State. That’s nearly half of round three being quarterbacks. We are light on standout devy quarterbacks at the moment; Caleb Williams and maybe Drake Maye seem reasonably safe, but after that, there seems like a lot of uncertainty, so our drafters are taking risks on who they think will be the next elite devy quarterbacks.

Round 4

Devy Mock round 4

Many underclassmen were selected in round four, six from the 2025 class and five from the 2026 class. I will mention that Alabama, who usually has a ton of devy players selected early in devy drafts, has had only one player drafted before the fourth round, Ja’Corey Brooks, in the second. Well, in the fourth round, we see a run on the Alabama skill positions with three selected: Justice Haynes, Jamarion Miller, & Isaiah Bond.

Round 5

Look, Blake Corum should not be in the fifth round of devy drafts; he’s more of a first or second rounder, depending on how high you are on him. Unfortunately, we started this draft before we knew Corum was returning to school. Next month, I expect to see Corum much higher in this mock draft series. Always have to mention Ja’Tavion Sanders as the second tight end off the board. We only see three total tight ends drafted in this five-round devy mock draft. The third, drafted by @YungEnNiner, is uncommitted freshman tight end Duce Robinson and may be a name to keep an eye on. I got excited about seeing some good 2024 eligible producers come off the board here in Keon Coleman, Bucky Irving, & Tre Benson.

Devy Mock Roster Evaluation

You have seen how each round went down; now, let’s look at each team’s roster. It’s just as important and informative to see the roster breakouts as it is to see the draft order. Furthermore, looking at it from the roster perspective, you can get an idea of how you can build a Devy pipeline of all different shapes. Look at the Rosters picture above for some excellent examples of building an effective Devy squad.


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the January Dynasty Nerds Devy Mock draft. The entire Devy team is here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you need anything.

If you are interested in learning more about Dynasty/Devy fantasy football, please follow along on Twitter @_jasonstein and let me know what questions you have and how I can help.

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